A Six Week Experiment: Leap Blog

Last year, on this same day I posted on my Tumblr blog site that I would be challenging myself to blog everyday for the month.  I wanted to explore;  do things I had never done, wanted to do more of, was scared to do, hated to do, etc.  Because it was Leap year, I called it the Leap Year Challenge found at http://josieville.tumblr.com/leapyear.

The first day I declared, “So I’ve got 29 days to do some ‘leaping’ around, starting today February 1st.  And this is my first leap, blogging.  I hope to use this as my means of accountability to leap everyday.”  By the end of the month I had gained confidence in blogging and more importantly had experienced meaningful activities to live each day to the fullest.  What I was not completely aware of at the time, was that Leap Year Challenge had ignited a spark inside of me for change.

Fast forward one year and what was once a small spark turned into a flame.  After six and ½ years at Loyola Marymount Universities I was saying goodbye.  To date, this has been my biggest and bravest leap ever.  My new chapter includes:

1.  Focusing fulltime on my doctoral program at California Lutheran University, an Ed.D in Higher Education Leadership.

2.  Serving a graduate assistant at CLU, supporting a faculty member with their research.

3.  Keeping up with my YouTuber husband, aka EpicLLOYD.

My plan from there?  Well the image below basically explains it.


If you would have told me a year ago this would be the beginning of my 2013, I would have de-friended you on Facebook.  The thought of my life without work, a title, an endless to-do list or a consistent paycheck was not conceivable.  Not in my vocabulary.  Never.

But, as it turns out, my life has a hilarious way of proving me wrong.  Case in point, I remember as early as elementary school declaring that I had zero interest in visiting California.  Drive-by shootings, earthquakes, traffic, Hollywood, no thanks!  But here I am, not only living in California but was engaged, married and bought a home here.  Ironic?

So here I leap, challenging myself to blog for a total of six weeks, a little over 40 days.  I am considering this entire process an experiment, and like a good researcher I am using this blog to document it.  The amount of change in my life is obvious, it’s exciting and scary but I think I love it!  On the last day at LMU, I posted a message on my Facebook wall which sums up the start of this journey and Leap Blog.  I’ve included it below, feel free to click directly on the image for a larger view.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 12.14.34 AM

Whether you are reading this because you are my number one fan (thanks mom), are curious if I will have a mental breakdown from leaving my job, or are a fangirl of my husband.  I can’t promise the posts won’t be free of grammatical errors, faulty links or odd formatting.


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