Mission: Make My House Happy

Upon the realization that I would be working/studying from home, I immediately stormed up a plan to make the best of our one bedroom, one bath.  On a mission to make my house happy.

As any good list maker instinctually does, a lengthy to-do list was made.  As I was creating this, I noticed what the place needed the most was some creative organization.

Some call this ‘Spring Cleaning’ and I would have too, but based on Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning Check List, I was tackling a different type of project.  I wanted to come home and become happier.  For Lloyd and I, a happy home = an organized home.

It was time to sort, organize and donate.  We have lived in our condo (really a glorified apartment with HOA fees) for six and ½ years and for too long went with this scenario:

Going into this quest, I wanted to have some best practices in my pocket.  Organizing for dummies has some pretty straightforward acronyms, aka cheat sheets to keep in mind when organizing.

Here was my first project, the hallway closet before & after!

Hallway Closet

From there, I went area to area and checked off small victories on my list.  But the further I moved along, the bigger the pile of donations became.  I was trying to be efficient and wait to take one big trip to our local Goodwill.  Considering all the great loot they would be getting, it dawned on me that maybe I should learn a bit more about them.

As found easily on the website, “Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.” 


Still need convincing?  Take a look at a post called Seven reasons to donate to goodwill.

It took me about one week from starting my first project to the final delivery of our donations.  I now breathe a little easier from room to room.  From cleaning, I found some great functional items like phone chargers, highlighters and picture frames.  But I also realized that I had 4 three hole punches, canned peaches that expired three years ago and countless Tupperware lids without matches.  All that needed to go to make room for some happiness.

My favorite moment of the experience was organizing all my journals.  The first one I picked up was from my senior year in college.  As I turned the pages deeper into the spiral notebook, I took notice as the dates move closer to March 18th 2003, a day that changed the course of my life.  The day I met someone who I now get to share this little home with and will forever be what makes it and me happiest.


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