Epic Rap Battles of History

Today is the day Epic Rap Battle (ERB) Fans have been waiting for since December 10th, when the guys released the last rap battle Moses Vs Santa (which ended up to be the #1 YouTube holiday video of 2012)

The new rap battle, features Adam vs Eve. Men vs women. EpicLLoyd vs. Jenna Marbles. Perfect timing with valentines day right around the corner.

2012 VidCon

Why am I writing about this? Because I am Lloyds’ Eve. The Mrs. The Neck (My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference). MostlyJosie.

Almost ten years ago, I met Lloyd and Pete in a small college town in rural South Dakota. I was just a little co-ed back then.

For those not so familiar with this project, Epic Rap Battles is a YouTube series created and starred by Nice Peter (Pete Shukoff) and EpicLLOYD (my husband).

Lloyd has played the following characters on ERB:

Bill O’Reilly, Adolf Hitler, Chuck Norris, Macho Man Randy Savage , Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, Gandalf, Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2, Mario, Elvis Presley, Bill Gates, Frank Sinatra, Mitt Romney, Clint Eastwood, Robin, Elves and now Adam.

A youtube stats site at http://vidstatsx.com places them in the 28th rank out of all YouTube channels. That is what 2,925,420 subscribers and 407,261,010 video views will get you. They were recently nominated for five Streamy Awards, set to stream live this Sunday February 17th 3pm PST. But beyond the numbers or awards, the guys work extremely hard. Trust me, I woud know. I am soccer mom proud of them.

Feel free to get lost in their website and youtube channel. On a cold winter Monday (unless you live in LA around us) it should bring you some cheer. But maybe don’t blast your speakers, especially if you work around kids. Adult content.

Since the first battle was release September 2010, life has gotten interesting. Lloyd has a Wikipedia (where I get a shout out), a fan site, a wiki, and a fan forum page where all details of anything ERB are discussed. Sometimes I feel like I am living a double life, one minute I am writing a research paper and the next I am sitting in a green room. It is a fascinating creative process the guys go through, from brainstorming match ups, beat research, lyric development and so on.

While I love the actual battle videos they produce, sometimes the BTS (Behind the Scenes) vids are my favorite. You get a glimps into the guys I have known for almost a decade. This one is my favorite:

Here is this battle, Adam vs Eve BTS


So for my family, friends, and epiclloyd/ERB fans, here are 8 real behind the scenes info from the Mrs. EpicLloyd herself:

  1. I have been in two ERB Behind the Scene videos, of which I will not point out as I looked stocker-ish.
  2. To the right you’ll find a pic that I sneaked from the shoot of this weeks battle.
  3. My favorite ERB song/lyrics is Easter Bunny vs. Genghis Khan, but my favorite video is Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates.
  4. Epiclloyd loves peanut butter, on anything.
  5. Many times when I stop by a ERB shoot I won’t even recognize him, especially if he has on a wig. My favorite costume was Robin. Just look at that hair…and those legs!
  6. IMG_1038Pic from 2011 Halloween, the guys really are friends. P1010086
  7. When the rap battle Doctor Who vs Doc Brown was shot, it was around halloween. The pic below is what happens when wardrobe lets you borrow clothes. You get Jennifer and Marty McFly from Back to the Future.IMG_0762
  8. I have been in two YouTube Videos: Pawn & Ain’t Got No Watch

I may be his wife, but I can still be a fangirl. No matter the name, I’ll always be his biggest fan.


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