Headed to the Red Carpet

Today is the big day.  The Streamy Awards.

It is like the Oscars for YouTubers.  As you may have found out from my Epic Rap Battles of History post, functions like this are becoming part of my Mrs. EpicLLoyd gig.  However, it is not often that we get all spiffy’d up, let alone walk the red carpet.  So, the house this morning has been in a frenzy.  Bets are being accepted until 12:45pm PST of my inevitable stumble at some point in the day.  The closest thing I had growing up to a red carpet was the 400 meter high school track (which I did rock from time to time).

This will be the third annual Streamys, honoring over 30 categories that are streamed live online.   Todays award show will have such performances from notables as Shontelle and Vanilla Ice, as well as well known YouTubers like Mike Tompkins, Destorm, Chester See and of course ERB with Lloyd and Pete.

ERB was nominated for a total of five Streamy awards and even before heading to the show, we know that they’ve taken home three of the five awards!  This includes Best Original Song, ‘Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates,’ Best Music Series and Best Use of Fashion Design (Yah Mary Doodles)!

Want to be part of the fun?  The show will be streaming live today at 3pm PST at http://www.streamys.org/live/.

Of course it wouldn’t be hollywood without an after party.    The Hollywood Reported released all the deets here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/chnl-host-official-streamy-awards-421779.  The longer we are in the YouTuber world, the more we get to know the other artists and their families.  So, knowing people at parties like this will make it even more fun!

It will be a long and exciting day, I hope in a few days to report back on my survival of the dreaded rep carpet, hollywood schmoozing and after parities.


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