Surrounded by Celebs : My Experience at the 2013 Streamys


As promised from my Red Carpet post yesterday, I would give a recap of the 2013 Streamy Award show.   While it was a long day, it was an amazing experience shared with the Epic Rap Battles crew, hundreds of other YouTubers and even a few Hollywood stars.

Streamy Red Carpet

First item to cover, I didn’t get to walk the red carpet.  (Insert frowny face).  At first I was pretty bummed.  But after watching the spectacle from the sidelines, I am positive I would have looked super awkward, as all the photogs or interviewers want to see was the celebs.  I watched as other dates or entourage members were push aside by red carpet organizers or actually asked to move away by photogs.  Pete and Lloyd walked the red carpet together, just after Soulja Boy.

IMG_1787I gladly joined my date at the entrance to the Palladium.   Upon entering the venue, one quickly became overwhelmed.  Basically every YouTuber one could think of could be spotted.  One big room of energy and ideas.  Because the ERB crew was up for so many awards, we sat only three rows back from the stage or what they called ‘in camera view.’  They warning that you could end up on camera at any time.  Watch the recorded awards and you’ll find me.

The show was streamed live (hence the name of the awards show), but there were still commercial breaks.  It was hilarious during these very short breaks to observe the rush of the crowd out to the bar or bathroom.   The show was Hosted by Chris Hardwick (currently hosting Talking Dead) and included presenters like Larry King, Lance Bass, Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Verne Troyer (aka mini me), Ian Ziering (90210), three cast members from Glee, and many more.  There were also performances from Soulja Boy, Shontelle and Vanilla Ice.

Getting his award taken away

The Streamys had 30 awards in total and Epic Rap Battles took home four of them!  However, just like you hear on other award shows, they really do take away your award after they ‘give’ them to you.  See the pic to the left of this reality in action.

I realized half way through the show, I was surrounded by celebrities.  Sitting one seat in front of me was Ian Ziering from 90210 and Ryan Kwanted from True Blood, along with many others that I guess were famous but I didn’t recognize.

What I love about YouTube celebrities is that they are (for the most part) ‘real’ people.  This hasn’t always been my experience with TV or movie celebs.  Along with the entire Epic Rap Battles crew, I also shared a section with Epic Meal Time, Mike Tompkins, Chester See, Jenna Marbles, iJustine, Shaytard family, KassemG and DeStorm.

EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter performed during the Vanilla Ice set.  Vanilla Ice came on stage yelling out, “Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!”  A song later Lloyd and Pete entered with their Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates gear.

With the close of that performance, brought the end of the awards.  I pulled as many of our rap battle crew together for a picture before leaving.

And faster than the performers arrived, all headed to post show parties.  We headed to one somewhere on the Sunset Strip.  Upon realizing we hadn’t eaten since breakfast, we positioned ourselves directly in front of the food.  Sliders and crab cakes filled our stomachs.  I will be honest, I was very nervous about this after party.  I was afraid I would be tired, overwhelmed and encounter fake Hollywood people.

My experience was basically the opposite.  What really made the party were the people.  I have come to absolute adore the family that being part of YouTube creates.  Our friends like Mary (Mary Doodles), Dante (Give Me Motion), Mike Tompkins (and wife Kayla) and Pete (Nice Peter) are the kind of people you can really be yourself, laugh till your tummy hurts and be inspired by all at the same time.

I gladly welcome any opportunity to be surrounded by them.  I feel very blessed to have them in my life and openly express my soccer-mom support for all of their projects.


Kayla Tompkins, wife of Mike Tompkins, and I having a #YouTuberWives moment

Me and Mary Doodles


Oh and then there was this guy…

2 Responses to Surrounded by Celebs : My Experience at the 2013 Streamys

  1. Joaquin Contreras T (@juakohawk) February 18, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    Thanks for the Recap Josie! It was fun to watch too, me and Jess (backformore) were watching and commenting on our fb group (called “ERB Crew” btw C: ) and every time they showed you guys we were so excited!!
    Our favourite moment was of course as Pete walked up to the stage to receive his long deserved prize, and with that I couldn’t be prouder of the crew.. I’ve been following them from a long time ago, since ERB#4 I think and I like to think myself and the girls (Jess, Dia and Elise) as your biggest fans..
    Honestly, learning about them was one of the best things that has happened on my life, so I couldn’t be happier of all you have accomplished.

    Sincerely, and sending you lots of hugs
    Joaquin, from Chile
    (pd: sorry about the bad grammar)

    • josieahlquist March 6, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

      Thanks for your comment Joaquin! Lloyd and I both know you, Jess, Dia and Elise are big fans.
      Pete’s speech was awesome, I am so proud of him and everyone part of ERB.

      Keep watching this season is going to be awesome!

      <3 -Josie

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