#TBT otherwise known as Throwback Thursday

Over 80 million users are on a social media app called Instagram.  This free download on most smart phones, also people to both share photos but also apply filters to photos.  This results in an image that may just look ten times better than the original.

Instagram also allows you to add location of photos, as well as send them to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.  If you are not familiar with Instagram, they are building up their web presence through their site http://instagram.com/.

For super users of Instagram, Thursdays are of particular interest as a trending post to create is called #TBT or Throw Back Thursday.  Here one will find old family photos, high school prom shots or baby pictures.  The idea of this series is to showcase throwback highlights from the past.

Here was my post from today, a picture of me with my Great Grandma and Grandpa on their ranch in Wyoming.  I am not sure how they got me to sit still, have brushed hair or better yet look so cute.  I credit my mom for accomplishing all three of those.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 4.02.25 PM

Technology has greatly changed our lives since this original photo was taken.  The result of the photo was probably not seen for at least a week or more, after delivering a full roll to the store.  I remember the anticipation of picking up pictures.  When I was in college, to share images from a spring break trip to Mexico we all ordered triplicate prints and then nearly auctioned them off to each other.

Considering, my college friends and I’s trip to Mexico was pretty tame, but part of me is thankful such technology did not exist.  Now, a picture taken at the near second it is being experienced can be uploaded and shared around the world.

For someone who loves efficiency, technology and keeping up with friends and family it offers a wonderful tool.  However, put this technology in the wrong hands and one could have huge regrets about ‘over-sharing.’

We will continue to see more trending activities like #TBT that offer the joining of the old and the new.  Images of the past that could not have been shared instantly, now accessible to be remembered.  Thursdays and Instragram.  What throwback would you share?

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