Cat Lady

Nearly every woman I know has fears of becoming a what is negatively known as a ‘cat lady.’  Some kind of label that immediately defines her as crazy, messy and alone.  Wikipedia defines it as

A stereotypical cat lady, or cat woman, is a single woman who dotes upon her cat or cats. The term is usually considered pejorative,[1] though it is sometimes embraced.

But why just cats?  What about dogs, reptiles or heck even horses?  Why the name ‘dog lady’ hasn’t risen the vernacular of descriptors for a house over-run with ‘man’s best friend’?

I get it, anyone having more than a couple animals can get odd.  Maybe some women take it too far, like the woman in the video below:

We have been cat owners since 2006.  It took some convincing of my husband, who has had bad experiences with cats.  Luckily we found one amazing little feline that we adopted.  Isabelle or otherwise called Izzy.

This petite Russian Blue stays true to the Youtuber family, staring in a drawing video from our friend Mary Doodles:

With our recent move, a bit of stress has been experienced.  We have tried our best to follow advice of sites such as that warns cats don’t do well with change.

Stress can be seen in their eyes with gunck, shedding hair and heavy breathing.  Because our move came upon so quickly, we did not have much time prepare her.  One day we were business as usual in our apartment and the next we surrounded ourselves with boxes.

Our new place is more than twice the size as before, so we have slowly introduce her to each room, but keeping her in one ‘homebase’ most of the day.  Tonight was a big night, as we let her roam the living room and kitchen as she pleases.  She looks like a lost tourist in New York.  Poor thing.  I proudly say she is part of our family.

Our Izzy

Our Izzy

Heading back to the whole ‘cat lady ‘ thing, I’d like to propose we stop re-enforcing the idea that a woman with a cat (whom may or may not single) is a negative connotation.  That is fine if you aren’t a cat person.  I just happen to not be a snake person, literally terrified of them.  Can you image someone letting snakes just roam the house?!?!

But I digress.  If one day I end up alone and with cats, I’ll wear my cat lady badge proudly.  Any other ladies out there with me?


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