How’s my Leaping?

Today is day 25 of this Leap Blog adventure.  Over three weeks ago, I declared:

So here I leap, challenging myself to blog for a total of six weeks, a little over 40 days.  I am considering this entire process an experiment, and like a good researcher I am using this blog to document it.  The amount of change in my life is obvious, it’s exciting and scary but I think I love it!

Looking back on my posts so far, the most popular ones are (no surprise) when I wrote about Epic Rap Battles, my husbands YouTube project.  However, my personal favorite posts have been:

Adding a move during this time has made blogging daily even more challenging.  I write this post being constantly reminded of the three projects left to complete before Friday, while being surrounded by floor to ceiling boxes.

That being said, I’m really enjoying it!  The original plan was to blog daily for six weeks, a total of 42 days.  However, let me be so bold (and hopefully not regret) to say that I will be extending my goal another eight days.  This will take me to a total 50 days of blogging.

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support in stopping by this blog once in awhile.  Twenty -five posts down, twenty-five to go!


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