When to Tweet?

I read a tweet the other day that read “if this media is so social, how come I only ever use it when i’m alone?”  But I think he may truly be alone in his statement.

Social media posts are becoming an integrated part of our daily lives.  Platforms are endless: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked In, WordPress, Tumblr and the list goes on.  From live tweeting at concerts, posting pictures on airplanes and sharing updates during church.  Like it or not, the act of being on our phones is becoming socially acceptable.

This comes with the goods and the bads.  My heart goes out to the couple on their iphones the entire time at a nice dinner.  Or the father glued to his email while at the park with his young daughter.  With social media use comes social intelligence (and control) of behavior.  I believe there can be a balance of  sharing moments online as they happen, while  staying part of the real life experience.  But this skill may need to be developed.

If you possess a high level of social intelligence, your gut will tell you if your tweet or other platform post can wait.  If you haven’t developed this yet, I urge you to put your phone down and start to pay attention.  Cues are all around you, just look around before you look down.

One Response to When to Tweet?

  1. Danielle McLemore March 4, 2013 at 3:18 am #

    I’m reading this on my phone right now, when I could be getting ready for work *tear*

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