10 Years in the Making

Ten years ago today I met my husband. Well at the time he was an adorable improver, on the college touring group Mission Improvable. As a student, I was part of a campus programming board called UPC, whom I met some very amazing friends through.

We booked all of our events one semester in advance. My position was special events, so I was pitching a spring formal and magician. I was pretty confident both my events would be approved. I was met with some resistance on the magician and this was when the touring group Mission Improvable came up. I huffed and puffed because from their promo video I was not impressed. Our programming group was pretty democratic, so I was outvoted. The troupe would be coming to campus March 18th 2003. Fine.

I pulled off a bomb spring formal in February. A couple weeks later I was headed to Cancun, Mexico for spring break. By the time the Mission Improvable show came around I was in high gear senioritis. What did excite me about the show was when the press materials arrived. Posters that included a handful of faces, but one in particular with eyes that stopped this then co-ed in her tracks.

The day of the show arrived and a van full of Mission Improvable members arrived to campus. Because of my senioritis, I was not as organized as I should have been. Shuffling around, finding the last minute items they needed for the show. Two of the performers looked a bit more antsy than the rest and were ready to hop on stage to warm up. I would later find out this would be Lloyd and Pete.

The show was hilarious. I sat next to a friend who began to pick up on my little groupie crush for the short italian on stage. Toward the end of the show, Lloyd and Pete (known to the online world as Nice Peter) came on stage and asked for suggestions that would fill a white board. They would do an improvised rap from these words. (Little did they know eight years later what this would lead to).


The show flew by and I was finding all excuses possible to stay around to talk to the troupe. Luckily because I was the coordinator of the show, I had plenty. Like any good college programmer, I asked the guys for a picture.

The picture to the left was our beginning. Today, almost all the men in this picture are like family to us.

Ten years in the making we have been. Pictures have been a major part of them.

To share in our celebration of this day, I’m sharing ten pictures from the last ten years. Enjoy!


2004: One of Lloyd’s many trips to Arizona while I attended graduate school.


Graduation 2005

Lloyd joining me on mile 25 of the 2006 LA Marathon

Lloyd joining me on mile 25 of the 2006 LA Marathon


2007: Purchased our first little home

2007: Engaged!

2008: Engaged!


2009: Married!

2010: Wedding Party members at my brothers wedding

2010: Wedding party members at my brother’s wedding

2011: onset at Pawn video shoot

2011: Onset at Pawn video shoot


2012: Bundled up in Paris, France


2013 Streamy Awards

The last ten years have taken us through a total of five moves, eight jobs and million moments that have grown us closer. We have been so extremely blessed with great family and friends that have supported us along the way.

Lloyd: My life has forever changed since the moment we met. You have taken this small town girl beyond a life I ever thought possible. At 21, I fell in love with your charm, humor and good looks. At 31 I’m in love with your tireless work ethic, dedication to family and quality of which you grill a steak. These of course are just a few of the thousands, adding more everyday.

Meeting you I also got a business partner, running mate, financial advisor, study buddy, dishwasher, travel companion, and best friend. We have only skimmed the surface of what life has in store for us and I can’t wait!

3 Responses to 10 Years in the Making

  1. Danielle McLemore March 18, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    That is one of the sweetest stories I have ever read about finding love. No joke, and not because I’m a fan of his work. (I’ve also become a fan of your blogs).

    You two didn’t rush! Ten years together, and growing to know each other, is a very special thing to have with someone, and this does inspire me to want to find love that way.
    I fear rushing into love and being disappointed. But hopefully I will be as lucky as you, and find someone who will treat me and make me feel as good as Llyod makes you feel.

    I hope you two have 10 more and SO ON in years of happiness.

    Very sweet story, thank you for sharing 🙂


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