As Lloyd and I are in the middle of shooting and school schedules, getting away isn’t a reality right now.  As noted in my post yesterday, 10 Years in the Making, we celebrated the day 10 years ago we met.  We realized about a week ago that the day was sneaking up on us.  Not enough time to take a trip, but if we only went to dinner we knew we would later come home and do work.


Staycation.  While many sources define a staycation as staying home while declaring you are on vacation, I would define it by traveling locally.  Anywhere you can get to last minute without a plane.  Again other other sources would call this a near-cation.

This is just about the #1 thing I love about where we live.  Every direction you look, there is a staycation potential.  Last year, Huffington Post listed some of the best places around LA to stay.

We found a last minute deal on for a wonderful place in Malibu, CA.  I think we got lucky because it was a monday night, as I booked it for $100 below advertised price.

Lloyd was on set all day, so we headed up late.  In LA this means we missed traffic!  Forty minutes later we were in paradise.  Since the location was beachside, the ocean was our lullaby and wake-up call.  Room service on the deck before we checked out.  Now back home, feeling refreshed and focused.

Staycations popularity rose during the recession, as families sought creative methods to travel.  Actives such a visiting parks, museums and local festivals.  Forbes writer Steve Odland offers sixteen activity ideas while on a staycation.

However this fall, the LA Times reported that they are in the decline as families would prefer to spend more money in order to feel like they are getting away.

I highly recommend trying a staycation of your own.  Whether you live around many options or just one local hotel.  You’d be surprised what one rejuvenating night will do for you.  If money is an option, the true definition of a staycation could still apply: stay home and vacation.  Real Simple offered some great strategies on how to vacation at home.

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