May-Be Memorable

May is quickly approaching.  The classic statement of, “I can’t believe it is (insert month) already!?!”  You know you have all said it in one form or another.

I love the month of May.  Considering the school calendar, the semester ends and summer begins.  I fondly remember high school proms, graduations and my long-standing tradition of listening to the Grease movie soundtrack on my parent’s record player the last day of school.

After selecting my bridesmaids, I discovered over half of them not only shared birthdays in May, but also their birthday’s fell within the same week of each other!  Coincidence?  Aries must get along well with Taurus and Gemini.

This May I will finish the first year in my doctoral program, with a break until mid-June.  My husband is also on ‘break’ from Epic Rap Battles production.  Time is certain.  It will go quickly.  Before long I will proclaim, “I can’t believe it is August!” 

Despite all attempts to slow the clock, each second will lead to a minute, that adds up to an hour.  We plan, we accomplish, and we wake up again.  Or like the classic daytime soap opera proclaims, “Like sands through the hour-glass.  These are the days of our lives.”

Have you ever had a week, where you had to refer back to your calendar to remember what you did?  Each day blended into the next?  Weeks zoom by and another year chips away.

I want more from May.  Maybe, no hopefully you do too.  I want it to be memorable.  This is fitting, considering the American holiday, Memorial Day is toward the end of the month.

I’m tired of the word maybe.  So I’m reclaiming it.

Adding a small dash to create a play on words, May-be memorable.  Still need me to spell it out?

May-(will)-Be Memorable.

Maybe implies uncertainty, a possibility with neither a yes nor a no.  However, the word memorable is associated with something significant, notable, noteworthy, eventful and/or remarkable.

No small task to put upon yourself.  It would be unrealistic to place an expectation on yourself that every single day needs to be memorable; filled with eventful experiences, money going to concerts or trips, or being surrounded by your favorite people.  Much needs to be self-made, on your own and both planned and spontaneous.

Here is my framework going into May

  1. Be open.  Adventures abound, make room for the unexpected.  Say yes.   Seek out others.  Read more.  Get outside everyday.
  2. Document moments.  Take photos daily.  Increase blog posts.   Make writing a priority.
  3. Stretch.  Try new things like vlogging.  Bike instead of driving.  Cook at home.
  4. Take care.  Exercise.  Eat healthy.  Wake up earlier.  Cut out the junk.

What do you want from May?  Could this month be your momentum into a memorable summer?  Look at your bucket list and actually cross something off?  Make purpose a priority?

That’s what I will be up to.

How about you?

2 Responses to May-Be Memorable

  1. danimacncheese April 29, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

    Yes! May is approaching and I’m looking forward to starting over fresh this month. I have a bucket list of a few things I need to sort out, hopefully I’ll knock down some of those walls!!
    I thought of you as an Aquarius, but Aries are cool too! I’m a Libra, 7th in the zodiac, indecisive yet fights to strike balance in life. Also I’m in the middle of all signs, holding the scales, keeping the peace with all signs. We are actually polar opposite from each other lol. I know a lot about this stuff ^^ astrology is one of my favorite topics!! Anywho,
    Brilliant blog!! This one has really given me something to think about! Take care, Josie!!


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