A Laugh a Day

Today I noticed a video that came across my Facebook feed from a friend.  I am very lucky that I have friends who are funny by trade.  Literally, they are comedians.  Watching it I burst out laughing.  I stepped away to accomplish my to-do list (I’m a list addict) and then took notice.  Laughing made me feel better!

Watch the vid here:

Laughing has always been a staple in my life, as it should be in yours too.  I remember cracking up with my family as we watched America’s Funniest Videos or our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation.

Huffington post highlighted an article by Sam Ferrigno, connecting laughter to the ability to cope, with such benefits as:

  • Laughter is physically good for you.
  • It calms you down, despite the current vein-bulging, eye-twitch-inducing argument you’re in.
  •  It relieves the stress of more serious emotions.
  • Scary things are less scary when you laugh at them.
  • It cures boredom.

Dr. Z S Merharwal reported in the the Deccan Herald

Laughter is good for your overall health. It helps increase your endorphins, which provide natural pain relief, lowers blood pressure, it has positive benefits on mental functions, it helps the body fight infection, it relaxes muscles throughout the body.

Laughter yoga anyone?  Oh yes, it exists: http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2013/may/17/laughter-yoga-and-sound-healing-saturday-may-18-99/

Maybe this week was tough for you or you are ready to start the weekend right.  Either way, we could all use a good laugh going into the weekend.  So, I have pulled together some of my favorite funny videos.  I hope you’ll find at least a couple of them as entertaining and funny as I do.

This is great timing, considering even YouTube is committed to make you laugh.  Starting this Sunday May 19th, the inaugural YouTube Comedy Week will kick-off and air a week of laughter induced programming.  Look closely, in the middle and you’ll catch my husband.

Angela Watercutter from wired.com wrote about YouTube Comedy Week, how they are showcasing both main stream celebrities, as well as original YouTube stars,

YouTube Comedy Week, which launches with a live-streamed show May 19, is the first attempt by Google’s video-sharing site to make a full programming slate (or whatever the online equivalent of a slate is) dedicated to humor. It’s also an attempt to bring big names like Rainn Wilson and Seth Rogen together with home-grown internet celebrities like the Gregory Brothers (the “Auto-Tune the News” crew) and the team behind Epic Rap Battles of History. So even though it’s got a lot of star-power packaged in a neat box, it’s also a lot more diverse in its programming than TV because its bringing established stars and up-and-comers into the same channel.

That’s right, Epic Rap Battles!  Please tune in this Sunday 8pm EST/5pm PST, it’s going to be hilarious!

Until then, enjoy some of my favorite funny videos below.  I can’t guarantee complete appropriateness for all audiences.  But that is the part of how comedy works, what may be funny to me, may not be to others.

I’d love for you to share some of your favorite vids in the comments below.  Let’s keep the laughs going all weekend long!

Key and Peele

Barats and Bereta

 SNL Target Lady

Mad TV Dot

Mad TV Stewart

The Gregory Brothers: Songify the News

Cat friend – Dog Friend

How Animals Eat Their Food

Lonely Island: YOLO

A Bad Lip Reading: NFL Football

And last but not least, and of course to no surprise….

Epic Rap Battles of History


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