Mary Doodles, a Doer Ready to Live Like Forrest Gump

This post begins the first of a year-long series, seeking out interviews with twenty people I am referring to as The Doers.  Webster dictionary defines a doer as a go-getter, achiever, dynamo.  I am adding to this definition as a person who passionately pursues purpose, while staying true to their authentic selves.

In the Doers Series I explore each Doers life, showcasing the highs and lows that make them relatable.  I will shine light on individuals that inspire me and I believe will inspire you too.  Twenty questions asked, along with a little of my own research and reflection on their personal and professional journey.

Mary Doodles My first interview was also the first name I wrote down the afternoon I came up with the series.  I have known Mary Gutfleish for six years.  My first impression of her was the kind of woman I want with me on a road trip.

The Doer Series posts will be longer, so I have added page breaks.  I really hope you’ll settle in with me (and Mary) for entire segment.  For those needing some more convincing, you’ll learn from Mary to

  • Say Yes More
  • Surround Yourself with Positive People
  • Live like Forest Gump
  • Find Projects that Feel Like Flying a Kite
  • Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

Built within her fabric is the eagerness for adventure, along with the kindness of care to have a real conversation both light-hearted and deep in nature.  The more I have gotten to know her, the more I am drawn to her positivity, eagerness for life and willingness to evolve.

I adore this woman.

This interview series let me tell her in person.  The interview also gave me a further glimpse into her life, how she has overcome challenges, and ways she harnesses her talents by saying YES.

Her innate talent is what has recently brought her success.  Known to many through her online persona as Mary Doodles.  Those whom consider themselves avid followers are called ‘Doodlebugs.’  It just doesn’t get more adorable than that.

Below is one of her favorite (and successful) online creations.

In the world of online content, millions of minutes of videos are uploaded daily.  The trend (and hope) with those starting out creating videos is to produce consistent and quality videos.  Mary followed this from day one.  It is paying off.

I remember we went to our first VidCon together three years ago (a YouTuber conference where fans and talent mix in performance/meet & greet fashion).  It was here that Mary told me her plans to start a channel that she could showcase her artwork.

From there it has taken off.

Mary Doodles YouTube channel currently has 119,119 subscribers (found here), where she produces original content.  She also just started another channel called marydoodlestwo (found here), using more of a vlogging form of video production.

Before starting her channels, she began working on Epic Rap Battles of History as the costume director.  Just another outlet for her oozing levels of creativity.  Catching the YouTube bug, she starting her own YouTube channel and began creating a doodle series, along with Epic Rap Battles fan art.  The video below is the creation process Mary went through for one prop used to kick off Epic Rap Battles season two.

As the Epic Rap Battles channel grew, so did her own.  The challenge to keep up with both was tough.  Now she is focusing only on her channels.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mary to ask a few questions, both silly and serious.  I choose to meet with Mary because I admire how she stays true to herself, cultivates her talents and, in my eyes, is a great example of an authentic human being.

I also have found, especially through the interview, she doesn’t take life or herself too personally.  Throughout the interview I found myself laughing with Mary as if we were at a fifth grade sleepover, minus the braces, Girl Talk game and boy band crushes.

Please read on, by clicking page ‘2’ below!

5 Responses to Mary Doodles, a Doer Ready to Live Like Forrest Gump

  1. KristinJenae June 12, 2013 at 6:07 pm #

    I just love Mary so much! I subscribed to both of her channels and watched nearly all of them. I died when Mary responded to one of the comments I posted on one of her “veda” videos. 😀 She inspires me to be a better artist, writer, and all around person! I hope I can meet her at vidcon one day!!! 😀

    • josieahlquist July 22, 2013 at 7:05 pm #

      She is easy to love, thanks for reading! Hope you’ll be able to go to VidCon one of these years soon, she is such a treat in person.

  2. danimacncheese June 12, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

    I love this interview! First I must tell you that you did an amazing job interviewing her!!

    She inspires my artistic abilities at times when I feel like I have artist’s block. I’m going to take her advise and try and say “yes” more to new experiences. I don’t want to be scared to live, and hopefully I will be able to achieve as much as she did in the future and ride the waves.

    • josieahlquist July 22, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

      Great to hear from you! You are crafting your very own story that will lead to whatever you set your mind to.


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