Educator Ani Shabazian is a Doer of Good and Gratefulness

Much time has passed since my last Doers Series post.  I can explain.  There are these assignments in a doctoral program called course projects and they consumed me.  Fifty pages and 100 sources later I emerge ready to jump back in to showcase some more amazing ‘doer’ women.  In a nutshell, this series showcases women that I have observed being strong authentic leaders, while boldly pursuing their purpose in life.

SamburuThe next incredible doer I feature not only emulates the elements of this series, but takes it to the next level as a do-good-er.  I’ll save the build-up and tell you that she helps international orphanages, in addition to holding a dual appointment at a university as an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Loyola Marymount University Children’s Center.

I met Ani Nikogossian Shabazian on a university committee during my time at LMU.  She came to meetings with a purpose, contributing energy and enthusiasm, as well as a willingness to participate.  I found myself seeking her out for coffee to chat.  After my first conversation with her, I realized she would be a critical resource for me as I entered my doctoral program and began to explore faculty positions.

She gave me sage advice and a supportive ear.  But, what was (and is) so unique about Ani is her open heart, forceful support and encouragement, as well as keen intelligence.  I left my first one on one coffee chat with her wiped clean of most self-doubt on an issue I was struggling with at the time.  Almost like a really good deep tissue massage therapist, she kneaded it out of me.

Looking through my list of doers that I wanted to interview, Ani was a must have.  But because she holds both an administrative leadership position and a tenure track faculty role, she is very busy.  Many emails and days later, our interview was inspiring and, like every time before with her, I left with more energy and encouragement than I came. .  At every turn, Ani gave generously with compliments, recognition of my past work and support for my ideas for the future.  She is a cheer captain, but delivers her message like a life/business coach.

My conversations with Ani taught me a lot, many of which we can all apply and consider in our own lives:

    • Friendships will keep you healthy
    • Educators need both theory and practice
    • It is OK to spend time with just yourself
    • Practice gratitude
    • Be open and opportunities will come

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4 Responses to Educator Ani Shabazian is a Doer of Good and Gratefulness

  1. Nicole Rodriguez September 19, 2013 at 8:10 am #

    Josie, what a great writer you are! And what a great article on Ani; you captured her smile, hard work and attitude so clearly. Keep pushing forward you are meant to do amazing things in this world.

  2. Lesley Adams September 19, 2013 at 11:41 am #

    Bravo! I’ve happily known Ani for just over 5 years, as my daughter started LMUCC as an infant and was Ani’s first cohort entirely through the Center. She is amazing and has championed for my family and all her kids in wonderful ways. You captured her beautifully.

  3. Nicole Jackson September 19, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    I love this article. Ani has to be one of the most inspiring professors/educators that I have ever been blessed to have (Dr. Leslie Ponciano is right up there with her). She is so attentive, not just to the children, but to all those who seek knowledge and her heart is made of solid gold. Thanks for sharing with the world one of LMU Early Childhood Education Master’s Program’s most beloved treasures!

  4. Kortney Hernandez September 20, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    I couldn’t agree with Nicole more, Ani is truly the best professor and most beloved treasure of the LMU ECE Master’s program. She is an amazing embodiment of leadership, kindness and humility. I will be staying tuned for the movie that someone will eventually create about her extraordinary life! Great article!

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