Guest Post on Fo(u)r Whole Women: Becoming a Doer

Guest Post on Four Whole Women: Becoming a Doer

This month I was asked to contribute to a blog called Fo(u)r Whole Women.  Tag line: Three of us.  One Fabulous You.  Coming together to support, challenge and inspire each other on our paths to health and wellness.

As the blog states,

“We recognize and embrace that the journey towards wholeness is an ever-evolving process without a destination, and we’re so intrigued by it that it’s actually become our shared passion. We’ve each chosen careers and lifestyles that reflect our desire to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. How we approach the subject and what we believe varies among us. But we’re united in wanting to live holistically and in wanting to talk about it.”

I decided to write about my experience being a Doer in the workforce, but also on how I am reclaiming the word through my series The Doers featured on this blog.

Check out their site and enjoy!

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