Guest Post at Student Affairs Fitness Blog: A Runner on the Injured List

Guest Post at Student Affairs Fitness: A Runner on the Injured List

For this week’s post I was asked to contribute to a blog called Student Affairs Fitness.  As described on their website, this blog,

“serves those in Student Affairs and Higher Education seeking a community within the profession focused on their personal fitness and health through focuses on good nutrition, positive mental wellness, and physical activity.”

I love the movement that is going in Student Affairs, a community of professionals that are coming together with the shared pursuits of running.  There are various networks, in addition to this blog, that offer this including a Facebook group called Student Affairs Runners, as well as hash tags on Twitter like #SArunners and #SAfit.

Preparing for the post, I reflected on what has been on my mind for the last couple years as a runner; being injured.  As a result, my post A Runner on the Injured List was born.

Because of my doctoral program I couldn’t help but apply a bit of quantitative and qualitative application.  Thank you to all the 15 Student Affairs runners that provided me response to the following three prompts.

  1. What running injuries are you currently mending and/or recovered from?  
  2. What activities do you attempt while injured to stay fit/keep training?  
  3.  Have you ever been told you need to stop running due to injuries?

Special thanks to Ed CabellonLisa EndersbyAnn Marie KlotzSteve Lerer & Eric Stoller for allowing me to share their stories of injury and recovery.

Whether you work in Higher Educator or another field, make sure to check out the Student Affairs Fitness blog.


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