{Visual Remix} Social Media Best Practices in Higher Education

One year ago I posted, “10 Social Media Best Practices in Higher Education” which has proven to be one of my most popular posts.  This is not surprising, as many of my campus speaking engagements include covering such topics.  This top 10 list includes:

  1. Implement a Social Media Strategy
  2. Produce Quality & Accurate Content
  3. Manage Platforms with Social Media Managers and Student Leaders
  4. Use an Authentic and Transparent Voice
  5. Represent the University/Division/Department Brand and University Resources
  6. Collaborate and Support other University Social Media Pages
  7. Respect Your Community
  8. Dive into Data
  9. Empower Influencers and Engage Audience
  10. Get Internal Buy-In

Social media exists in the gray, so even these best practices could be scrutinized.  Whatever your perspective, higher education needs more tools to aid in strategy development, especially since social media platforms change constantly.

In this light, I have used my previous post and created a visual remix below.  Enjoy!

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