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Welcome to josieahlquist.com 2.0!  I am thrilled to share with you my blog redesign, which has been in the works since August.  In this post I’d like to feature a few sections on the new website that I am really excited about, as well as give a few thank you’s to those that made it possible. 


What’s New?

My previous site was primarily a blog.  As I attempted to add new sections, the code and possibilities of wordpress.com only went so far.  To really make all of my ideas for a website into reality, I ventured over to wordpress.org.  The homepage is the heartbeat of the website to discover new content and get a feel for who I am.  The navigation bar at the top also directs you to sections of the site.  I’d love to share these features with you.


josie speakingFirst is the about page, where I have pages for a Professional Bio, Josie’s Story, Media and Testimonials and Josie in Action.  Whether you are looking for my resume, life story or references from past speaking engagements, this page will give you a great idea of who I am and my experience.  Make sure to check out some videos and podcasts I have been on at Josie in Action!



19279286_mlA major reason to build my blog into a website was because I wanted to feature my speaking services.  In the speaking section, explore options for engagements with student leaders, as well as professional consulting.  I’ve provided session descriptions, learning outcomes, examples of keynotes-half day-full day speaking schedules and a full list of past speaking engagements.



Author and Researcher

author and researcher homepageNext on the navigation bar is an area dedicated to my efforts as a researcher, including authored publications.  I have been extremely lucky to already have publishing opportunities, with more in the works!  I showcase my past and current research projects.  You can also find my ever growing list of references I cite on the blog as well as my research.  Soon I’ll be adding my teaching experience.



28936419_mlWhat will bring many viewers to my website is my Blog.  This is where all of this began, almost two years ago.  Use the search bar to easily explore search terms, or find categories listed at the top to narrow down topics.  Don’t forget to share content you enjoy!



Contact Josie

16239460_mlLast is the contact page, for those that don’t have my contact information already this is a perfect place to reach out!  Use this page whether you are interested in working with me on a research project, hire me to speak at your campus or just want to say hi.   



What’s Next?

The website will continue to evolve.  In addition to blogging, I hope to provide a bank of resources such as digital leadership curriculum for educators to use for free.  Video production is also high on my list.  With the three research studies I am juggling there will also be plenty to write about!  Make sure to subscribe for all the updates along the way.


I would also like to give a few shoutouts to those that helped me make this possible.

josie logo boldFirst off, if you are in the market for a website redesign look no further than Mel Judson.  Just need a logo, like my new one seen to the right? She’s got you too!  She is talent behind the entire look of my new site.  Her skill, patience and turnaround was stellar!  

Second, I am very grateful to Amma Marfo and Marci Walton who were my co-editors for content and overall design.  They were later joined by a number of friends, colleagues and family that also provided me feedback throughout the process.  Thank you to Jason Meriwether, Ed Cabellon, Tony Doody, Ashley Hall, Cody Hutchinson, Lloyd Ahlquist, Suzi Hutchinson, Maisha Beasley and Joe Sabado!  Your reviews were extremely helpful. 

Finally a special thanks to everyone who has watched the evolution of my blogging, speaking and writing career in higher education.  Especially those who have reached out to support me or even needed support from me.  I am extremely lucky to aggressively pursue this non-traditional path.  It would not be possible without the endless family support from my parents, brothers, sisters and my number one fan & husband Lloyd.  

So here is to 2015.  A new year and a new website.  Feel free to reach out.  I’d love to hear from you – give me your feedback the site, ideas for student leadership curriculum, what your university is doing around digital identity and leadership or just simply a phone call to nerd out on all things social media.

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