Finding your place and purpose within the new Student Affairs Technology Competency. AIMHO 2015 Keynote Session

2015 LogoAt the 60th annual AIMHO conference I served as the keynote speaker for 300 residence life professionals. I spoke about digital identity, education, literacy and leadership.

In total I provided two keynotes and three breakout sessions. AIMHO stands for The Association of Intermountain Housing Officers (AIMHO). As described on their associate website,

“The Association’s purpose is to work for continual improvement and coordination of housing and food service operations for students and staff members in institutions of higher learning.”

Before the conference began, two institutes we offered called AIMHO College and the Senior Housing Institute (SHO) where I delivered the keynote:

Are you a Digital Explore, Digital Educator or Digital Influencer?

Finding your place & purpose within the new Student Affairs Technology Competency.

As noted in the recently approved ACPA/NASPA Student Affairs Competencies, student affairs educators are now called upon to master technology skills including social media, the awareness of your digital identity, technology adaptability and cultivation of personal learning networks. This session will provide the foundational tools to flourish as student affairs professionals with a holistic digital identity, influence and leadership presence. 

I have blogged about this topic previously in

This keynote featured three major elements of the technology competency, with the goal of getting all 75 institute attendees to understand the foundation level (what I call Digital Explorers) of the competency.

  1. Technology Adaptability
  2. Digital Identity
  3. Personal Learning Networks

Am I so grateful to the conference planning committee for inviting me and I’ll be featuring some of my other sessions in future posts including:

  • Going Viral in Residence Life
  • Becoming a Digital Influence On Campus
  • Digital Education in RA Training

Check out the other keynote speaker, Dr. Ann Marie Klotz on Twitter and at her blog.

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