Going International | Presenting at ACPA 2016


Today kicks off ACPA’s Annual Convention, which went international to Montreal, Canada. I thought I would cut back a bit from last years convention – so instead of presenting seven sessions, I’m only doing six 😉 

If you are at this conference – I’d love to see you at one of my sessions or even get a wave, hug or hi-five!

The Digital Life of a Student Affairs Educator

One of my engagements actually happened before the official conference even started – as the keynote at the ACPA NextGen experience called the Digital Life of a Student Affairs Educator.

Description: As student affairs educators, you need to know the digital space and actual student usage of social media tools. You also must have an awareness of your own digital history, also known as your Digital Identity. While perceptions and fears may exist of technology, educators must strategically approach social communication tools with possibilities to build community, student learning and even your own professional development. By learning the tools and meeting students where they are, educators pose themselves for stronger communities and careers online and in-person.

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Social and Digital Technology Competency Institute

Even today I am a faculty member at a pre-conference with a rockstar group composed of Paul Gordon Brown, Ed Cabellon, Tony Doody and Laura Pasquini!

Description: Today’s most progressive Student Affairs (SA) practitioners and faculty are recognizing the tremendous potential for technology as a core competency in administrative leadership and student learning. It’s crucial that SA educators understand digital technology in order to make informed decisions and model effective digital literacy and citizenship. Crisis management, student engagement, social media identity, and digital pedagogy are just a few areas explored in this fast-paced, interactive, and multimedia rich workshop. Guided by the new recommendations from the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competencies, presenters will also share the latest scholarship, research, and proven practice in this quickly-evolving area. Find more info here and here to view our slides.


Going Viral in College | The Impact of Social Media in Student Leadership Development

Description: We live in an era where one tweet, video, or photo could go viral globally. As educators we must serve as bridges to aid student usage for positive possibilities in this digital age. The session will share a grant funded and award-winning dissertation that explored student leader experiences of social media. Results will reveal how these leaders positively used digital communication tools and our role as digital leadership to guide them for the future.

Building/Room: Palias 517B-D

Date/Time: Monday March 7th 8am EST

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Going LIVE at #ACPA16 | Live Streaming Apps

Description: Learn the latest applications in the digital space, all that have a components of live streaming technology. Tools such as Meerkat, Periscope and Snapchat will be featured and applied to our work student affairs.

Building/Room: Palais 510-511

Date/Time: Monday March 7th 11:30 EST

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Are you a digital explore, educator or influencer? The New Student Affairs Technology Competency.

August 24th, 2015, NASPA and ACPA approved the revised version of the Student Affairs Competencies. There were a number of changes, but one of the most significant was the addition of Technology. This new competency solidifies technology as an essential part of our work, not just a fad that can be embraced by some and not others. Whether you are an avid tech user or delayed adopter, this session will define and give significance to technology skills for every level of our field.

Palais 517 B-D

Tuesday March  8th 8:00 AM EST

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Pecha Kucha | What the Class of 2020 Doesn’t Know about Social Media

The incoming freshman class grew-up with social media since elementary school. However, does access mean understanding? Student Affairs professionals also have a technology adoption timeline that is woven into the Class of 2020. Collectively, there are things we know and don’t know yet about social media required for leadership in the digital age. Find more information about all the Pecha Kucha’s at ACPA here.

Palais 517 B-D

Tuesday March 8th 7-10pm 

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