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If you subscribe to this blog, you might be wondering where I went. It has been some time since my last blog. Without blogging, I’m not sure I would be where I am today in my career. But about two years ago, an idea started to grow.

Could I pull off a podcast?

A year ago I even went so far as purchasing a professional mic, which quickly gathered dust in my office closet. But the idea continued to grow. But then this August – a podcast was born! Without a name or skills required to edit audio, I began recording interviews. Thanks to a magical Twitter poll – I got feedback on the name. The internet spoke loudly and loved “Josie and the Podcast.

As the subtitle states, the podcast aims to connect Technology and Leadership in Higher Education. In each episode, I feature campus and new media leaders who are digital influencers and leaders. From Senior Vice Presidents on Snapchat to YouTubers receiving billions of views, all through the lens of social media and leadership.

By producing the podcast I was taken away from blogging – but not away from producing content – which is my number one goal. I believe the way the world wants content is changing. I love how there are more and more bloggers in higher education, but as I look around there are not that many podcasts. I hope my series will fill that need.

In total, there were nine releases including the kick-off, which I have listed all below. I am so very proud of each of them, even in the imperfections – including the surprise barking from my dogs in the background. It was an honor to share the stories of my guests and connect with new listeners after each upload.

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Kick Off: Introducing Josie & The Podcast!

Episode 1: Ann Marie Klotz, Dean of Campus Life at New York Institute of Technology. Posting about Politics, Dealing with Online Conflict & Living with No Regrets

Episode 2: Mel Judson, Director of Brand & Design at Fine Brothers Entertainment. Purposeful Branding, Less is More Design & YouTube Transmedia Storytelling

Episode 3: Mamta Accapadi, Vice President of Student Affairs at Rollins College. Modeling Humanity in all Spaces, Social Media as the Newest Campus Quad & Leveraging Wholeness

Episode 4: Adrienne Wieder-Finch, Digital Influencer/YouTube Content Creator. Embracing Weirdness, Instagram Hacks, YouTubers Collaborating with Campuses, and Caring for your Online Audience

Episode 5: Jeff Dess, Assistant Director of Campus Life at New Jersey City University and contributor at Trill Or Not Trill. Student Affairs Swagger, Infusing Pop Culture into Leadership Development and #DoTheWork

Episode 6: Tonantzin Oseguera, Associate Vice President Cal State Fullerton. Troublemaker turned Dean of Students, Social Media + Judicial Affairs & Understanding the student experience through Snapchat

Episode 7: Levester “LJ” Johnson, Vice President for Student Affairs at Illinois State University. Partnering with Students as Tech Experts, Tweet Treats Programming, Parent Online Engagement & Living a #BringIt Mentality

Episode 8: Erik Qualman, Best Selling Author, and Motivational Speaker. Empowering Your Best Life, Leadership & Legacy, The Power of LinkedIn & Lessons as College Athletes

So YES I pulled off a podcast!!!

A huge shout out to the podcast sponsor this fall – Guidebook! Learn more how your campus, company or organization can make beautiful mobile apps at


Will I blog again? Yes of course. But going into 2017, I am the most eager to continue investing my energies into podcasting. I hope to feature new voices from graduate students to faculty, exciting digital influencers and well-known campus leaders.

Thank you so much for joining me in the journey, if this you have been listening all fall or this is the first time checking out an episode. I would love to hear from you – ideas on guests, topics, questions and more! Comment below or tweet at me @josieahlquist or use the hashtag #josieandthepodcast.

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