Digital Wellness Toolkit for College Students

Technology is part of our lives – every single day. College-aged students have been found to spend upwards to half of their day online. So, the digital leadership education programs I provide to students include skills for healthy technology use.

Last year I wrote a post called Cultivating Digital Wellness Skills in College Students, which included a video tutorial and numerous YouTube videos that I use in my courses at Florida State University and keynote speeches. This post opened my eyes to the interest and need for more targeted education on digital wellness – but with a positive and possibilities lens.

So I’m thrilled to share a project that was in the making for the last year! I have partnered with the amazing curriculum professionals at Prevent.Zone to create a unique course called Digital Wellness Toolkit: College Edition. Prevent.Zone is best known for producing “Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility” curriculum, so I am eager to release this program that builds on the suite of offerings.

Digital Wellness ToolkitThe Digital Wellness Toolkit is an interactive online program that offers positive digital possibilities, online safety, and overall wellness in the digital age for college students. This one-hour course features award-winning research that helps students build and protect their digital reputation and make smart decisions when posting online.

Check out the course topics and learning outcomes listed on the right and catch a sneak peak of the toolkit in a video at the bottom of this post.

More about the course:

  •  Immediate access for college/university students
  •  Interactive scenarios and activities that keep learners engaged and even entertained
  •  Official certificate of completion emailed and downloadable
  •  Group purchasing available
  •  Only $9.95

Perfect for student leadership programs, greek life, student athletes, first-year orientation, judicial affairs educational sanctions, and health & wellness centers.

Contact my colleagues at to explore group packages for students, as well as a free course trial for higher education professionals. Call 877-395-9636 or email:


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