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My name is Josie Ahlquist, lifetime learner, educator, runner, spin instructor, achieving doer, Wyoming native and standing tall at 4’10.

I am a doctoral candidate at California Lutheran University, studying Higher Education Leadership.  My research looks at how leadership and social media are intertwined.  To see more about my research, including published articles and featured videos head here.

My primary professional experience is working within Higher Education, developing college students in a field called Student Affairs.  Many call us party planners, or in my husband’s industry of entertainment, I am called a Producer.  In many ways I am, producing memories for students that will enhance their campus experiences.  I am drawn to challenging the norm of higher education, to seek innovations that will keep up with evolving technologies and needs of our students, as well as, understanding and preparing for the next wave of college students.  Recently I was added to the Bass/Schuler Agency as a national speaker.

IMG_1894ccrt-2750787236-OI have been blogging for two years, last spring completing a challenge writing 50 posts in 50 days. Today I blog about higher education and social media; showcasing my research from course projects, research and best practices in the field.  I have ten years in Higher Education in areas such as student activities, campus recreation, student unions, marketing, residence life, judicial affairs, student leadership and new student orientation.

Uniquely, I am also part of the YouTube industry, as my husband Lloyd Ahlquist is a major content contributor online, as the executive producer, writer and talent for one of the top YouTube channels called Epic Rap Battles of History.  Known as EpicLLOYD, we are celebrating four and a half years of marriage and have been together since March 2003.  Read about our story here.  Our family is composed of two rescue animals, a 10 year-old Russian blue cat named Isabelle and Parker a 10 month-old Border Collie/Lab/Boxer mix.  It is quite an animal house!

Throughout my life, I have been told I am a ‘doer,’ an ability to produce a large extent of high quality work.  In other words, I get it done.  Production has to be accomplished strategically, as it is too easy to ‘over-do-it’ and be left with nothing.  However, not do enough and your legacy will be forgotten.

Like drinking too much or too little water while running a marathon.  We must find a happy medium.  So, through this blog, I am also producing a series called The Doers, where 20 women will be featured that balance a life of authentic living, while passionately pursing their life purpose.

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”  -George Bendard Shaw