Higher Ed Technology Bloggers

Here are a few of my recommended social media and technology related bloggers, listed in alphabetical order. All of these educators are also fantastic consultants and speakers. Check out their websites for more info! Many of them are also digital researchers, so I have listed their most recent publications.

Dr. Josie Ahlquist (that’s me!): josieahlquist.com

“Providing a digital remix to empower leaders of the 21st century.”

*Find my most recent research called Developing Digital Student Leaders: A Mixed Methods Study of Student Leadership, Identity, and Decision Making on Social Media.

Dr. Paul Gordon Brown: paulgordonbrown.com

“Specializing in the impact of social media, technology and design on college student learning.”

*Find Paul’s most recent research on College students, social media, digital identities, and the digitized self.

Dr. Ed Cabellon: edcabellon.com
“A senior student affairs leader, internationally recognized as the experienced digital technology educator catalyzing change through higher education.” 

*Find Ed’s most recent research, Redefining Student Affairs Through Digital Technology:A Ten-Year Historiography of Digital Technology Use by Student Affairs Administrators.


Dr. Rey Junco: reyjunco.com

“Professor and researcher who studying how technology use affects college students.”

*Find Rey’s extensive published research social media and higher education here.

Dr. Jason Meriwetherjasonlmeriwether.com

“Showcasing leadership development & training, career trajectory coaching, anti-hazing workshops, and strategic & organizational planning services for colleges & universities and for individuals in higher education”

Dr. Laura Pasquini: techknowtools.wordpress.com
“Connect. Learn. Research. Collaborate. Write. Train. Innovate.”

*Find all of Laura’s research exploring how communities of practice and networks influence and impact learning, specifically with regards to online collaboration and informal professional development.

Erik Qualman: socialnomics.net

“The Biz and Buzz of Tech”

Joe Sabado:joesabado.com
“The Biz and Buzz of Tech”
“Student Affairs and Technology Leadership”