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The YouTube Generation

“The YouTube Generation aren’t coming to college, they are already here.” I spoke these words as I closed a talk I gave at the 2014 ACPA National Convention called, YouTube Behind the Scenes: An Epic Insight into the Platform’s Impact on Students. I reviled my connection to the platform, both professionally and personally. I charged by colleagues to […]

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Social Media Policy vs Guideline vs Best Practice in Higher Education

Social media use and understanding is no longer an option in education.  Some higher education institutions may have been slower than others, but overall one can see that social media has become part of the fabric of a college campus.  Not just in student use, but in marketing, community relations, student life, classroom activities and […]

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Legal Lookout: Where Higher Education, Social Media and the Law Collide

The tools social media provides higher education have implications for students, faculty, administrators, academic institutions, and beyond. The more each of these groups understand these tools, the more the field of education will learn in balancing related legal issues. Over the last decade, numerous studies have pointed to positive student outcomes from integrating social media […]

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How to Develop Campus Community through Social Media

For higher education professionals, many decisions are grounded in building a strong campus community.  How best to offer student services, programming calendars, leadership opportunities, dining hall hours, and the list goes on.  Each segment of campus life leading students to be more integrated and engaged into the campus community. Because of emerging technologies and innovative […]

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Fostering Faculty Social Media Presence, Online Scholars and In-Class Technology

What role and responsibility do faculty and their higher education institutions have in supporting educators personal and professional use of social media, in and out of the classroom?  Activity on social media platforms is on the rise, with adoption starting in the early teen years, as well as, into the later years of life.  In […]

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Creating a New Student Digital Orientation

How can higher education teach students how to be positive and active members of an online campus community? For many college campuses, today marks the start of the 13-14 academic year.  This past weekend was surely filled with campus events, questioning but caring parents, and bookstore purchases.  It also marked a significant transition point for […]

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Preparing Future College Freshman with Digital Education and Outreach

In the next few weeks, college campuses will be flooded with new students that will compose the future Class of 2017.  This arrival is a pivotal experience in a young adults life; an experience most college graduates will look back upon.  This successfully occurs through adjustment into campus networks through social, emotional, and academic means […]

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