Senior Executive Coaching

Ready to harness social media tools in your leadership position or executive job search? Stop stressing and questioning your online presence and start putting the tools to work for you!

As a digital leadership educator, Dr. Josie Ahlquist has your back to help boost your social media status. Explore three coaching packages built just for you and your digital leadership goals.

Digital Leadership Coaching for the Executive Job Search

Looking to improve your social media presence in anticipation of a job search for senior-level positions? Getting feedback about your social media presence or lack of was an obstacle in past searches? Josie will work directly with you to shape your online profiles and digital reputation to be in alignment with your values and voice. This can help highlight the best of what you bring as a candidate and future executive.

Book Package

Digital Leadership Coaching for the New Executive

Are you a new senior executive and looking to start off on the right foot with your new social media presence? OR are you looking to improve your online presence and impact after years in your position? Josie will work directly with you to shape your social media to be in alignment with your values and voice, as well as institutional culture and mission. This can help highlight what you can offer with both personality and professionalism.

Book Package

Digital Leadership Advanced Coaching & Consulting

This advanced package is for senior level professionals already well versed with social media tools and their own presence online. Josie will take a deeper look into your efforts, strategy, and impact to build out unexplored social media opportunities. This coaching will integrate formalized assessment and evaluation, as well as leadership theory to digital leadership practice. This package aims to set you up as an innovator and leader in the digital space as a senior executive!

Book Package

Josie is eager to work with a small number of individual leaders to help them leverage social media tools for a bigger impact. Contact Josie to start the coaching package perfect for you and your career goals!

More about Dr. Ahlquist

Dr. Josie Ahlquist is uniquely equipped to help current and emerging senior executives lead with their social media presence. She is a speaker and consultant focused on digital leadership. Her award-winning research and publications on social media presence of senior executives are widely respected.