Penguin Love

Valentines day is either anticipated, embraced or dreaded.  A day of the year that brings reminders of love found, love lost or love not yet discovered. At any of those stages, love is not easy.  Love takes work, deep care for each other and lots of communication. While Romeo and Juliet have been made into […]

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Blinded by the Disney Light

As part of a Valentines surprise, my husband and I went to Disneyland.  I had been asking (more like begging) to go since Thanksgiving.  When he announced his plans the day before our adventure, I couldn’t help but almost squeal.  What is it about Disney that evokes such emotions from a 31 year-old woman?  Get it together […]

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Little Josie on a Miniature Horse

I Want a Pony!

  Ever since I was little girl, I asked for a pony.  Can you hear it now?!  “I WANT A PONY!!”   Maybe it was because both of my grandfathers were cowboys or my obsession with My Little Pony. Now as an adult, asking for a horse at every possibility (birthdays, holidays, etc) has become a […]

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2012 VidCon

Epic Rap Battles of History

Today is the day Epic Rap Battle (ERB) Fans have been waiting for since December 10th, when the guys released the last rap battle Moses Vs Santa (which ended up to be the #1 YouTube holiday video of 2012) The new rap battle, features Adam vs Eve. Men vs women. EpicLLoyd vs. Jenna Marbles. Perfect timing […]

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My mother-in-law would have turned 65 today.  A mother I never had the chance to meet.  She passed after a eight-year battle with breast cancer, on the eve of valentines day 11 years ago. After marrying her son three years ago, I have been grappling with the pain that is mourning a woman I have […]

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To-Do or Not To-Do List

There are two kinds of list people in this world: those that make lists and those that do not. Not to say that in either case individuals are more or less organized. As long as your method gets you from point A to point B, to each their own. However, if you have read any […]

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Some Assembly Required

Chances are, you have a least one piece of furniture in your home that would fall under the category of assembly required.  Ikea is infamous for this, where shoppers are swooned in their football-field storeroom.  The showrooms seem so perfect, fogging consumers knowledge of what toucher is in store after opening the seemingly innocent packages […]

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To all my shorties

It was recess on a warm Wyoming fall afternoon in third grade.  I giggled freely with one of my classmates, whom I had spent countless sleepovers and play-dates.  Another girl in my grade came around the corner and declared “Josie, you are so short!!”  To my shock I looked at my childhood friend bewildered and […]

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Thou Shalt Be Josie and Other Personal Commandments

Creating Twelve Personal Commandments for My Life In her book, The Happiness Project author Gretchen Rubin urges readers to create 12 Personal Commandments.  She clarified that these are not specific resolutions, but overarching principles in which we want to live our lives.  In other words, our core values. While she took a year to create hers, […]

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Addicted to Papyrus

Let me clarify. I am addicted to Papyrus the store, not the font type. From the website I learned, the word Papyrus (pah·pie·rus) comes from the earliest form of paper crafted from the papyrus plant. Papyrus was founded in the family kitchen of Marcel and Margrit Schurman in 1950. My enjoyment of this store goes […]

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