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Attempting to Perform Moving Magic

Each year, one in five American families move.  Our little family is about to join that number.  As I wrote about a few days ago in Houses vs Apartments, we have been overdue for a new place.  Moving is difficult enough when planned out weeks in advance.  But our move is this Friday, meaning we have […]

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Headed to the Red Carpet

Today is the big day.  The Streamy Awards. It is like the Oscars for YouTubers.  As you may have found out from my Epic Rap Battles of History post, functions like this are becoming part of my Mrs. EpicLLoyd gig.  However, it is not often that we get all spiffy’d up, let alone walk the […]

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Mean Girls are Real

My post today is part of a research paper I wrote for one of my doctoral classes. If you read one of my first posts called, To All My Shorties, you may have concluded that I’ve had my fair share of being called out for being a ‘little’ different. I do not claim that I […]

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Houses Vs. Apartments

For about the last year we have been on the house hunt.  Well, when I say hunt I mean watching marathon viewings of House Hunters and Love it or List It on HGTV.  It also means that I have about every house hunting app available on my iPad. In the late fall, we seriously explored […]

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Penguin Love

Valentines day is either anticipated, embraced or dreaded.  A day of the year that brings reminders of love found, love lost or love not yet discovered. At any of those stages, love is not easy.  Love takes work, deep care for each other and lots of communication. While Romeo and Juliet have been made into […]

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Blinded by the Disney Light

As part of a Valentines surprise, my husband and I went to Disneyland.  I had been asking (more like begging) to go since Thanksgiving.  When he announced his plans the day before our adventure, I couldn’t help but almost squeal.  What is it about Disney that evokes such emotions from a 31 year-old woman?  Get it together […]

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I Want a Pony!

  Ever since I was little girl, I asked for a pony.  Can you hear it now?!  “I WANT A PONY!!”   Maybe it was because both of my grandfathers were cowboys or my obsession with My Little Pony. Now as an adult, asking for a horse at every possibility (birthdays, holidays, etc) has become a […]

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Little Josie on a Miniature Horse

Epic Rap Battles of History

Today is the day Epic Rap Battle (ERB) Fans have been waiting for since December 10th, when the guys released the last rap battle Moses Vs Santa (which ended up to be the #1 YouTube holiday video of 2012) The new rap battle, features Adam vs Eve. Men vs women. EpicLLoyd vs. Jenna Marbles. Perfect timing […]

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2012 VidCon


My mother-in-law would have turned 65 today.  A mother I never had the chance to meet.  She passed after a eight-year battle with breast cancer, on the eve of valentines day 11 years ago. After marrying her son three years ago, I have been grappling with the pain that is mourning a woman I have […]

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