Leadership in the Digital Age

Announcing Josie and the Podcast Season 2 Announcing Josie and the Podcast: Season 2 - Fall is here and it’s bringing colder weather (a low, low 80 degrees here in California), pumpkin spice everything, and a new season of Josie and the Podcast! Yes, you read that right. Josie and the Podcast is back for season TWO! It may be a new season of the podcast, but the heart and […]
Reclaiming your online narrative header - Taylor Swift Embrace the Snake: Taylor Swift and Reclaiming Your Online Narrative - Nowadays, news trends through hashtags instead of just sound-bites. It’s easier than ever to keep track of current events by checking out Twitter’s “Trends for you Sidebar.” The right hashtag can be educational, uniting people under causes and allowing people to track news about specific events or people Unfortunately, not all hashtags are created equal. […]
Social Media with Soul - Is social media ruining our society? Stealing playtime from youth, disrupting productivity at the workplace, giving a microphone to harmful users? Or are we just doing it wrong? What if social media had a bit more soul? Some have said social media is bad for your soul or even killing your soul. However, there are ways to […]
Empowered to Unplug - I teach a course at Florida State University called Leadership in the Digital Age. This course is part of the Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies – housed under the Leadership Learning Research Center – which I also serve as a research associate. In my course, I apply the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and […]
#Hired: Digital Reputation Advice for the Class of 2017 - Congrats to the class of 2017! Whether you are graduating with your bachelor’s degree, receiving your masters or even a high school diploma – the job market has changed since you started your program and how you can leverage social tools for your career advancement. This is a good thing!  This is the third year I’ve written […]
Digital Wellness Toolkit for College Students - Technology is part of our lives – every single day. College-aged students have been found to spend upwards to half of their day online. So, the digital leadership education programs I provide to students include skills for healthy technology use. Last year I wrote a post called Cultivating Digital Wellness Skills in College Students, which included […]
Being a Chick in Cyberspace - As the end of Women’s History Month approaches, I am excited to share a blog post I wrote earlier this month at The Digital Leadership Network. I am a founder of this group, which is A collaborative network of working educational professionals who have an invested interest and curiosity in social communication technologies, and their influence […]
A Values-Based Approach to Your Digital Brand - Does the idea of branding yourself feel uncomfortable? Not natural? Too pushy/arrogant? Let’s approach digital branding and reputation from a refreshing perspective. One that is rooted in what already comes naturally to you: your core values. Those tangible and intangible things that are priceless. Work ethic, family, financial security, service to others, etc. These make up […]
Publication Announcement! Going Digital in Student Leadership - Lisa Endersby and I are so excited to share that our co-edited publication, Going Digital in Student Leadership is released!! In addition to serving as the volume co-editor, I also authored one of the seven chapters. When we started this process in the spring of 2015, we had a vision for what this publication could be, […]
Recruiting Participants: #HigherEd Digital Life - In what ways do higher education professionals utilize and participate in digital communication tools? What leadership characteristics are shared by staff who participate in digital communication tools? These are the research questions my colleague, Dr. Brian Bourke at Murray State University and I are exploring in #HigherEd Digital Life. The link for the survey is bit.ly/HigherEdDigitalLife. […]