Mallie Rust // Students Want Authenticity Over Ads on Social Media

What if something as simple as a tweet could help you make your next career move – while you’re still in college? My guest this week can tell you firsthand what that experience is like. Mallie Rust is my content and marketing coordinator, a freelance editor, TexasMedia student, and even an amateur ballroom dancer. As a college senior Mallie shares her experience growing up on social media, how campuses can best use social to connect with current and future students and explains why she’s so passionate about the Oxford comma.

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Notes from this Episode

TexasMedia Sequence

Samsung Gear 360

Oxford comma examples

Texas Ballroom

Yahoo Messenger





Mallie Rust Rugs

Snapchat vs. Instagram stories

Wendy’s vs Burger King

Austin Open


Why is the tower orange?


Jackbox Games

Fakin It

List of Twitter Chats




Liz Gross



Embrace the Snake: Taylor Swift and Reclaiming Your Online Narrative


Gab Cardoza

Legally Blonde: “What, like it’s hard?”

Mallie’s portfolio

Mallie’s LinkedIn

Freelance Isn’t Free Movement

Cindy Gallop

The 3% Conference

More about Mallie

Mallie Rust is a content marketer, TexasMedia student, and proud cat mom. She’s pursuing her B.S. in Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin… hook em! Her skills include media planning, project management, graphic design, editing, and ballroom dancing. After a brief stint as an undergraduate writing consultant at the UT Writing Center, Mallie is currently the Content and Marketing Coordinator for Dr. Josie Ahlquist. She’s also worked as a PR intern, a content marketing intern, and as a freelance book editor.

Mallie’s main goal post-grad is to pursue a career in project management. Secondary goals include developing her embroidery hobby into a business and finally learning how to Foxtrot.

 Connect with Mallie

Twitter: @malliefe2o3

Instagram: @ForYourHopeChest



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