Josie is an international leadership speaker and higher education consultant. Her programs can be customized for each institution, creating learning outcomes for various attendees such as college students, higher education faculty and staff, student affairs administrators, marketing strategists and student leaders.


Student Leadership Speaker

Digital Identity, Social Media & Student Leadership

How is your social media activity connected to your leadership and future? Navigating social media as a college students presents digital decisions every day. Every post you put out is part of your digital identity and may be the reason one day you are or are not hired. Josie’s programs will challenge students understanding of online presence and provide tools for becoming a digital leader and competitive job applicant using social media. Read More

Higher Education Consultant

Digital Leadership & Social Media Strategy

Professionals working in higher education are presented with constant shifts in student demographics along with quickly emerging technologies. As a speaker and consultant, Josie presents best practices connected to research and scholarship to bridge this divide. Josie believes in the power of digital communication technologies to pursue community building, strategic communication and strengthening student services through social media. Read More

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