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“Josie made a profound impact on NYU Abu Dhabi Campus Life division’s approach to social media and understanding of the relationship between today’s students and technology. Her lessons still resonates with NYU months after her campus visit.” -Ken Grcich, Associate Dean of Students at New York University Abu Dhabi

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Engaging the Digital Generation

As educators, you need to know the digital space and actual student usage of social media tools. While perceptions and fears may exist, fueled by the mass media, higher education must strategically approach digital communication technologies with possibilities to build community.  By learning the tools and meeting students where they are, the university poses themselves for stronger communities online and in-person.This session will focus on social media strategy and marketing, through the lens of student development and learning.

Higher Education Leadership in the Digital Age

What are the competencies required to be a leader in higher education in the face of the digital and social age?  This engagement will explore digital communication skills, social media leadership frameworks and digital decision-making for administrators and faculty in higher education.

Going Digital in Student Leadership Education

This session will explore student leadership education and development that recognizes the power and possibilities of technology. The talk is fueled by the scholars’ own research and curriculum development that will provide attendees tangible tools and resources for leadership exploration, discernment, and growth for both professionals and students.

Integration of Social Media in the Classroom

There are various tools and techniques available for faculty and instructors to engage students in the classroom and beyond. According to research, teaching alongside social media with students has been proved to increase GPAs, faculty interaction, and overall success. This session will apply possible practices with research available for curricular integration.

Department and Individual Strategy Sessions

Does your department need to press the ‘refresh’ button on your social media presence?  Looking to add blogging or YouTube to your digital strategy?  These 90-minute sessions include hands-on exploration and strategy based on your campus needs.

Josie in action:

“Josie enthralled the campus faculty, students, and staff. Her full day visit energized the campus community to embrace new approaches to digital leadership. Dr. Ahlquist’s scholarly approach to her subject matter and insightful interpretation of data to generate conversations with the audience is the mark of a brilliant scholar!” – Dr. Jason L. Meriwether, Vice Chancellor of Enrollement Mangement & Student Affairs, Indiana University Southeast

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