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#TrendingNow: Digital Student Leadership

What would you want to go viral for online? Get ready to take your digital activity to the next level as a leader, equipped with new leadership skills for the digital age. This session will challenge you to reflect on your digital activity and then provide you navigation tools for becoming a digital leader ready to make positive change on campus and beyond. Learn how to use social media strategically to find professional success, as well as personal balance to go viral for all the right reasons.

Suggested Audience: Current and future student leaders. 

Learning Outcomes

      • Students will be able to articulate the definition of a Digital Identity
      • Students will be aware what is online about them after a Google search of their name.
      • Attendees will learn how social media is part of their campus community both positively and harmfully.
      • Students will apply the Social Change Model individual values into their social media activity through two activities.
      • Participants will articulate at least two methods to build their digital reputation through social media tools.

Digital Wellness Check Up

How did you feel the last time you looked at Facebook vs Instagram vs Pinterest? Ever tried to not open certain social media sites for an hour, a day, a week? The reality is that technology is woven into our daily routines, but most people aren’t plugged into how they are being impacted by tech. This keynote will explore realities of our digital age, especially for college-aged students and tools to take care of yourself and others no matter the place: online and on-campus.

Suggested Audience: All students

Learning Outcomes:

      • Understand the opportunities and challenges of technology considering self-expression, leadership responsibilities, and relationship building.
      • Students will establish a digital decision-making model to apply to social media use, applied when approaching digital conflict and even online communication confusion.
      • Attendees will discover and reflect upon their emotional usage of digital communication tools.
      • Learn five ways to build others up through social media.

Being a Chick in Cyberspace 

Women ages 18-29 are more likely to experience online harassment. At the same time, countlesss efforts are flourishing in digital spaces for women that build community, professional development and more. This session will lay out the realities of being a chick in the digital space, through the lens of digital identity, wellness, reputation, and leadership. This includes understanding your digital footprint online, tactics for taking care of your health and wellness in all physical and digital spaces, resources for networking and career advancement, tools for digital communication including experiencing conflict and a values-based model for digital leadership as a college student.

Suggested Audience: High school & college student women

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn four stories of young women that have had positive and negative experiences with digital communication tools.
  • All participants will download three tools for privacy, safety, and emergency communication if ever faced with online or face to face harassment, bullying, or sexual assault.
  • Engage with at least one other participate in sharing digital experiences as a female gender identified student.
  • Learn three ways to build other women and girls up through social media.

Relationships in the Time of Tinder

What did that emoji really mean?!? Should I text back now or later? Ouch, that email was all in CAPS! Interactions with friends, family, peers, parents, teachers, romantic partners, crushes, and even strangers take to the virtual space at the same time as face to face. As a leader, you need to have a variety of new digital skills that will be drawn from emotional intelligence to build, maintain and flourish in relationships in the time of Tinder. This session will also focus on challenges that women are especially facing in digital spaces and resources for personal empowerment, reporting and community building. Finally, all attendees will receive examples of digital wellness curriculum that peer educators and advisors can apply at their campuses

Suggested Audience: All students 

Tweet Like It’s Your Job

Having social media as part of your job as a student may seem like you have the best job ever. Tweeting, posting pics and responding to comments definitely can be fun. However, you also carry a responsibility on behalf of the university and your own digital presence. This program will give you the tools to strategize your student leader social media efforts and ensure you have a realistic framework in case digital communication efforts fail.

Suggested Audience: Current student leaders

Learning Outcomes

      • Student will learn 10 tools for social media strategy in higher education
      • Attendees will explore case studies of social media success stories and campus problems
      • Open dialogue, brainstorming, and troubleshooting will be facilitated that leads to constructive and collective action.

Forget a Resume! Use Social Media to get Hired

Ready to get that J.O.B.?! The fact is employers will review more than your resume and references to learn about you. One search on Google may actually give them all they need in selecting (or not selecting) you as a potential candidate. To be competitive in today’s job market you need more than the grades, experience and personal passion. You need an online presence! Come to this session to learn how to show the world you are applying tools for positive and purposeful activity and more importantly branding yourself as a content expert. Participants will learn three social media platforms that will give them a boost for job searching and branding, including advanced methods for strategy. Given the experiential nature of the session, all attendees will receive peer and presenter feedback on their current professional presence online. Bring your laptop or tablet to ‘get to work’ right in the session!

Suggested Audience: Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students

Learning Outcomes:

      • Participants will learn three social media platforms that can be used for professional identity, branding, and job searching.
      • Attendees will receive a step by step action plans to craft their professional bio and professional persona online.
      • Each student will interact with at least two other peers who will give feedback on current and future social media activity as it relates to the job search.

Student-Specific Customized Sessions

Do you have a specific student organization or population that needs to press the ‘refresh’ button on their social media presence? Josie has developed content for student athletes, greek life leaders, resident assistants and more. These 75 minute sessions can include hands-on exploration and strategy based upon your campus needs, in addition to a traditional keynote experience.

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