Student Digital Identity

Cultivating Digital Wellness Skills in College Students - How did you feel the last time you looked at Facebook vs Instagram vs Pinterest? What emotions and experiences are common when you log on?  When was the last time you left your phone at your house or in car – knowing you wouldn’t be able to get to it later in the day? What […]
Love, Lies and Identity in the Digital Age (Book Review) - I have a confession. I have one TV show that I still watch on MTV. A guilty pleasure, called Catfish: The TV Show. I could argue that it is because the context fits into my research and writing. But sometimes – it’s just pure entertainment and intrigue. Urban dictionary defines a Catfish as, “someone who […]
Student Transitions, Stress and Social Media - How can theories created twenty years ago help educators understand student development through a digital lens? I recently used Nancy Schlossberg’s (1995) Transition Theory as part of my dissertation to do just that. This theory looks at identity through transitions and the perceptions one has during them. I wondered during my research, would Schlossberg “like” social […]
Digital Reputation Advice for the Class of 2015 - Congrats to the class of 2015! As a recent graduate from my doctoral program, I share in your relief – as well as anticipation – about what is next post graduation.   Digital communication tools like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have tracked our progress, the highs and the lows of papers, projects and milestones.  Diploma […]