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The Ahlquist Family

The Ahlquist Top 10 of 2017

One of the many things I love about the holidays is celebrating the past year. But what if we wove this practice into our weekly practice? From the significant to the silly. What are you celebrating today? In the spirit of celebrations, for the last four years, I have created a top 10 list featuring moments, […]

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The Ahlquist Top 10 of 2016

For the last three years, I have created a top 10 list featuring moments, highlights and announcements that made the year memorable. Click the years to check out those past posts from 2013, 2014 and 2015! So let me state this upfront. 2016 was not an easy year, not just for the Ahlquist’s, but what seemed to be for […]

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twitter challenge

Ready for a Student Affairs Twitter Challenge? #sachallenge

There is no denying it, I am on team Twitter.   Even after experiencing 24 fake accounts in the last six months using my identity (which have all eventually been taken down).  I still openly profess the microblogging platform as one of the most impactful and meaningful social media tools to me professionally. I get to share my […]

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The One Year Niche: Blogging about Social Media in Higher Education

One year ago, July 22nd, 2013 I posted what would be the first of my posts about Social Media in Higher Education. Titled: Student Engagement Through Social Media: #IsItPossible?  I thought I’d share my thoughts from my doctoral program class assignment and was blown away the positive response beyond my classmates on Twitter. It inspired me to […]

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Status Update: 40 Things To Do Before 40

A few days ago I celebrated my 33rd birthday.  This year has been life-changing. Not because it was easy.  At times it was extremely difficult.  Going from fulltime over-achiever administrator workhorse, to all-in doctoral student working from home.  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We rescued a very sick (and what became an expensive) […]

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40 Things I’m Doing in My 30’s

I am 32 years old.  Two years, two months and 19 days into my thirties.  I am a thirty-something. I recently read an article called, “30 Things I Hope To Do After 30” where the author spelled out the things she looks forward to do as a recent 30-something.  She made it clear that it was […]

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May-Be Memorable

May is quickly approaching.  The classic statement of, “I can’t believe it is (insert month) already!?!”  You know you have all said it in one form or another. I love the month of May.  Considering the school calendar, the semester ends and summer begins.  I fondly remember high school proms, graduations and my long-standing tradition […]

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I’m 50!

No I’m not fifty (turning 32 in a couple weeks though), but today marks my 50th blog post!  A goal I set out for myself in January, to blog daily.  As Sally O’Malley declared, “I like to kick, stretch and KICK!!”  I took on this project to challenge myself, test the waters in blogging and […]

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