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The (not so secret) Club of Speaking in Higher Ed

This post is part of a project that Dr. Ann Marie Klotz and I are offering for higher education professionals interested in sharing their speaking and expertise professionally. Student Affairs Speaker #SquadGoals aims to open doors and accessibility through building a supportive community of speakers through education and mentorship. As our rollout shares, At the beginning of 2016 […]

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Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

I am pleased to share a professional development opportunity, Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age.  This interactive course is hosted by NASPA and can be completed at your own pace.  Please find more information below! This session will explore how faculty and administrators can engage with technologically savvy college students, who want to learn […]

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twitter challenge

Ready for a Student Affairs Twitter Challenge? #sachallenge

There is no denying it, I am on team Twitter.   Even after experiencing 24 fake accounts in the last six months using my identity (which have all eventually been taken down).  I still openly profess the microblogging platform as one of the most impactful and meaningful social media tools to me professionally. I get to share my […]

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How YouTube is Impacting Current and Future College Students

“YouTube is an art medium; a technology which allows listeners to become singers, watchers to become actors and consumers to become producers creating new original works and supplementing existing ones.  It allows everyone to have a voice that can be heard and face that can be seen” (Cayari, 2011, p. 24).  YouTube is changing the […]

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 VS  Within every field there exists professional associations.  These organizations are typically nonprofits that offer sources of professional development, advocacy and networking for its membership. In the world of Student Affairs and Higher Education, two associations include ACPA (formally known as American College Personnel Association, now branded as College Student Educators International) and NASPA (National […]

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