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Client Love

I love working with and for my clients. In their own words, here’s how several of them have felt about working with me.

I had a tremendous experience working with Josie on two customized sessions she provided for the Michigan Center for Student Success mentoring network. Our group really enjoyed the sessions and I, personally, learned new practical skills I put to immediate use in support of my own leadership development and digital networking efforts.
Katie Giardello
Manager of Network Engagement, Michigan Center for Student Success
Dr. Josie Ahlquist was an engaging speaker during our first ever virtual conference in January 2021. 78% of respondents indicated they were "extremely satisfied" with her session on our post-conference survey. Her opening keynote on Digital Leadership in Student Affairs was a highlight of our event!
Jerran Hill
Past Conference Chairperson, NASPA-Alabama
Josie was a pleasure to work with! I love that she is able to engage her audience no matter the age or demographic as she finds ways to connect with everyone in the room. She was a great addition to our National Convention and Leadership Conference!
Hayley Remmel
Event Coordinator at Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority
Dr. Ahlquist’s work with our team made an immediate impact on how we utilize multiple social media platforms to communicate with our multiple stakeholders. Most importantly, her presentations and information created a shared experience and language for us to use regarding communication across the university.
Kathy Collins, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Rhode Island
Josie is such a wonderful pillar of support to higher ed leadership (both those in senior roles and those budding professionals who lead at all levels). She truly listens, truly interprets and truly executes. I'd welcome the opportunity to partner with Josie again (and again and again). And I'll be recommending her digital cohorts to my staff, for sure.
Joseph Master
AVP, Marketing & Digital Strategy, Drexel University
Josie's presentations and consultations at TRU have been meticulously prepared, energetically delivered, and full of timely and sage advice.

We value Josie for the ways in which she has stretched our understanding and use of social media as we work with students.
Christine Adams
Christine Adam
Dean of Students, Thompson Rivers University
Dr. Josie Ahlquist presented a Pro Class to our members on Community Building and Digital Engagement in a concise and clear manner helping to guide them on how to use social media to build their business and loyalty among their clientele. Her class was well received among our members and we can't wait to have her back.
Lisa DeMaio
Inner Circle Program Coordinator, Dance Studio Owners Association
The time we shared with Josie and our network of MCSS mentors and staff was affirming and inspiring. The workshops really helped me see the importance of integrating a digital presence into my own professional activities.
Jenny Schanker
Director of Research and Institutional Practice, Center for Student Success, Michigan Community College Association
I began working with Dr. Josie Ahlquist in 2019. She is responsive, service-oriented, generous with her time and talents, and personable. One of our member surveys called her “super-knowledgeable, sincere and engaging".
Elizabeth Hanson
Executive Director, CUPRAP
Josie educated our students on digital student leadership and spent time with our professional staff talking about engaging the digital generation. The response was extremely positive from all who participated, even to the point that the Vice President of Student Affairs remarked on all the positive feedback he had heard. We were so excited so many students and professionals felt like they truly learned something from the time they took out of their day to listen to Josie.
Jennifer Keegin
Associate Director for Campus Activities, Binghamton University
Dr. Ahlquist was a phenomenal addition to the 2018 TACUSPA Conference. Her research on digital engagement and building your digital professional brand is both insightful and inspiring. As we continue to further leverage technology and social media into our programs and ways of communicating, it’s important to have conversations as professionals about best practices and ways to stay ahead of the curve.
Jamal D. Smith
Former Director of Orientation Programs, Stephen F. Austin State University
Dr. Josie Ahlquist is a wonderful speaker who is accommodating, gravitating, and experienced. She interacts with her audience and has outstanding recommendations for improving your social media and taking it to the next level. I love Dr. Josie’s presentations because they always have an impact and leave you thinking about how you can enhance your platforms.
Sarah Aguilar
Former Illinois State University Student Board of Regents and Student Digital Influencer
Dr. Josie Ahlquist served as faculty for the 2019 NASPA WRC SSAO Institute, and was very well received by the participants.

Dr. Ahlquist led the group of VPs in a very thoughtful and practical workshop on Digital Engagement and Leadership in Higher Education. Dr. Ahlquist’s Digital Leadership Workbook is a perfect companion guide for any senior student affairs officer interested in building and maintaining an engaging social media presence.
2019 NASPA WRC SSAO Institute Co-Chairs:
Paul R. Bennion, VP for Student Affairs & Dean of Students - The College of Idaho

Henry Gee, Former VP for Student Services - Rio Hondo College
She not only delivered but exceeded expectations!

Josie’s dynamic and engaging presentations and workshops, as well as her impactful consultation, firmly established the foundation for digital leadership in our student affairs division.
Levester Johnson, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs, Illinois State University
Josie delivered a timely and impactful keynote presentation at our annual Student Life Summit conference. Our staff and students were energized and inspired through her insightful research and knowledge. Her expert knowledge on leveraging digital technology challenged our team to lead with purpose and intentionality online.
Frank Cuevas Headshot
Frank Cuevas
Vice Chancellor for Student Life at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Whenever I see Josie's name, I pay attention, because I know I'll walk away informed and inspired.
Leanna Fenneberg, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs, Rider University
There are people in this world who are connectors - acting as a bridge, building trust and helping. Josie is that person. Her passion for the world of higher ed is only outdone by her passion for the people of our industry.

I have been lucky to partner professionally with Josie in delivering industry content, but also rely on her expertise in shaping the team I lead. Her ability to layer the latest in social media and digital communication with a deep and wide understanding of leadership makes her one of our industry's most trusted and thoughtful leaders.
Jenny Petty
Jenny Petty
Vice President Marketing Communications, University of Montana
Josie understands the issues facing executives just as well as she understands what young people are facing as they navigate digital life. Her understanding is informed by research and data, and the application of her insights is immediately actionable for the organizations she works with, whether that's through speaking, consulting, or personalized coaching. If you haven't subscribed to her blog or her monthly newsletter, you are MISSING OUT.
Liz Gross
Campus Sonar Founder & CEO
As the leading educator, speaker, trainer, and consultant in all aspects of digital engagement, Dr. Ahlquist can help create, execute, and assess a plan to reimagine creative and meaningful ways to engage online. As a fellow colleague and executive, I recommend Josie above all others to help you actualize these goals.
Ed Cabellon
Vice President of Enrollment Management at Curry College
Josie is able to first help executives understand the power of social media, and ways they can use it. After a recent workshop from her for presidents, I heard from a number of them who wanted to discuss this even more.
Walter Kimbrough @HipHopPrez
President, Dillard University
Dr. Ahlquist asks thoughtful questions about how to engage digitally. Josie helps you to think more clearly about social media issues in education and how to best shape your own digital presence. She is energetic, clear, and knowledgeable about digital engagement in higher education. I always walk away with more energy and with new ideas after talking with Josie.
Tonantzin Oseguera
Vice President for Student Affairs | California State University Fullerton
Josie Ahlquist is the go-to expert on social media in higher education. I have seen her present on numerous occasions and have always been blown away by how she captivates a crowd. She is able to do something so few can – to take her in-depth knowledge of the topic area and make it understandable and compelling to individuals with various levels of expertise on the topic. I participate in her “Connected Exec” community, and I cannot tell you how much I have benefited from the content she shares and her live video events as well. In short, Josie is a tremendous scholar and educator. Higher education has benefited tremendously from her work.
The late Adam Peck
Assistant Vice President at Illinois State University
I was fortunate to serve on the faculty at the CASE Social Media Conference with Josie, and I learned so much from her. Josie is one of the most organized people I've ever met, and her orchestration of a complicated panel of podcasters (both in-person and virtual) was a master class of how to run a successful conference event. I was also energized by Josie's keynote on surviving vs. thriving in higher ed social media, and her empathetic message about social media manager burnout and resiliency resonated with everyone. Simply put, Josie is a force of nature and any organization or campus would be lucky to have her be part of their event.
Tim Cigelske
Director of Integrated Content at Marquette University
Josie made a profound impact on NYU Abu Dhabi Campus Life division’s approach to social media and understanding of the relationship between today's students and technology.

Her lessons still resonated with NYU months after her campus visit. Her informative sessions brought the entire division up to speed on the latest digital trends, challenges, and opportunities for college administers.
Ken Grcich
Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs, University of Redlands
Previously, at New York University Abu Dhabi

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In my time working with Josie as a consultant to our campus, I have gained tremendous respect and admiration for the work that she does. In the complex field of digital engagement, which not everyone truly understands or embraces, Josie shines a light on the importance of this work through her scholarly research and vast knowledge on the topic. Her genuine passion for sharing digital best practices with students, professionals, and administrators is evident through the high energy and enthusiasm she brings to any project or presentation. Josie is a pure delight to work with!
Megan Rolfs
Director of Marketing and Communication, Division of Student Affairs, Illinois State University
I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Josie Ahlquist as our keynote speaker at the Association of Intermountain Housing Officers' (AIMHO) annual conference. She was wonderful to work with and was very accommodating to the needs of our conference planning committee. Dr. Josie is a great public speaker who is engaging and inspires student affairs professionals to become digital leaders and role models. Dr. Josie's research and expertise in social media is having a profound impact on how we effectively utilize social media in higher education.
Brittany Billar
Associate Dean of Engagement at Azusa Pacific University
Josie flew to California from Dubai and jumped onto another flight to the east coast in time for her two-day, four-session event at SUNY Oswego - and never missed a beat! Her high energy level, ability to connect with our students, great use of humor, and of course her technical expertise, moved our institutional needle forward on social media responsibility and online presence. I high recommend Josie - she is technically sound, a great presenter, and will work hard to accommodate your needs.
Gary Morris
Director, SUNY Oswego Career Services
Josie was such a pleasure to work with! From initial outreach to the presentation she did for our senior-level members at the National Association of College Auxiliary Services, she was very responsive and easy to work with. She did a presentation on digital leadership that really resonated with our members and they had a lot of great takeaways. They gave her great reviews and I welcome the opportunity to work with her again!
Jacquelyn Wright
Director of Education, NACAS
Josie enthralled the campus faculty, students, and staff. Her full day visit energized the campus community to embrace new approaches to digital leadership.

Dr. Ahlquist's scholarly approach to her subject matter and insightful interpretation of data to generate conversations with the audience is the mark of a brilliant scholar!
Jason Meriwether
Vice President of Enrollment Management, Cal Poly Humboldt
The ACPA Next Generation Conference was honored to have Josie as the keynote. She captivated this large group with her energy, intelligence, and relevance.

Josie provided this group of undergraduate students, graduate students, and new professionals important things to ponder around digital identity."
Kathy Guthrie
Associate Professor, Florida State University
Bringing Josie to speak to our staff... was transformative.

Conversations around social media now permeate campus, our division has created a branding and promotions work group, and our VPSA signed up for a Twitter account...during Josie's speech! Josie's impact on Xavier's campus will be felt for years to come!
Marci Walton
Training Consultant, ComPsych
Previously, Associate Director of Residence LifeAssociate Director of Residence Life Xavier University
Josie was excellent! She was witty and connected well with an audience of college students. She was able to connect her presentation to our campus values and use some of our campus-specific language to tie it all together, which was a huge bonus.

Her energy kept the students engaged for the entire presentation, which isn't always easy!
Molly Dugan
Assistant Director for Leadership & Orientation Office of Student Involvement, Xavier University
Josie facilitated an engaging, upbeat, and interactive keynote session at our leadership educators conference this July. It was a blast watching participants pull out their smart devices, share stories, challenge assumptions, and connect to Josie's content. Our leadership educators left with plenty of takeaways to use in their campus classrooms and virtual spaces!
Dan Jenkins, Ph.D.
Chair and Associate Professor, Leadership & Organizational Studies University of Southern Maine
Josie Ahlquist’s presentations to the Cal Lutheran community were both insightful and practical. By combining her scholarship with humor and hands-on activities, participants were challenged and engaged in how to develop an effective social media presence.
Michael R. Hillis Ph.D
Dean & Professor – Graduate School of Education

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