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Services for Companies and Organizations

If you are part of a company or organization seeking to elevate your brand and mission online, I can help.

Digital leadership transforms organizations.

Let me show you how.

If you want to do more than just keep up with your social media accounts, you need a realistic, mission-driven digital leadership strategy in place. Together, we can create a plan for your online presence that is manageable, meaningful, and helps you maximize your organization’s potential. We can start in any of these ways:

Speaking & Training Programs

Every year I offer a variety of trainings and talks (both in person and online) to companies and organizations that want to learn more about the transformative power of a pragmatic, intentional, and values-driven digital communications strategy. Here are just a few examples:

Engaging The Digital Generation

Understand how teens, young adults, and recent graduates are using social media, and get strategies for how to recruit and retain top rising talent.

The Social Workplace:

Digital Influence & Reputation For Emerging Leaders

This targeted training helps employees learn best practices on how to communicate your company values online.

Leadership In The Digital Age

Learn essential communication skills, decision-making strategies, and leadership frameworks to help lead unlike ever before.

C-Suite & Social Media

In this session I provide guidance for executives on representing the company well online while building vibrant digital networks.

Social Media Intensive

In this boot camp-like program I provide training centered on in-demand technical skills, highly engaging digital tactics, and strategy development.

Organization And Department Strategy Sessions

This is a tailored, hands-on quick hit to help you press “refresh” on your social media presence.
What I experienced was so much more expansive than a checklist or a roadmap for strategy. Josie worked with me and with our communications team. She inspired us to boldly claim and represent our values through our digital engagement strategy. The result was an overhaul of how our University Life organization curated story-telling, an amplification of our commitment to the student experience, and an active demonstration of our collective for students.
Mamta Accapadi
Mamta Motwani Accapadi
Higher Ed Consulting Director at Huron


Digital transformation takes teamwork, research, planning, and a pragmatic plan customized to your organization’s specific challenges and needs. We can create one together.

I work with companies wherever they need me—helping to guide their communications teams or with executives to set a top-down strategy for online engagement. My customizable consulting packages can include speaking programs, curriculum development, digital analysis and assessment, and social media strategic planning.

Josie’s work with our team made an immediate impact on how we utilize multiple social media platforms to communicate with our multiple stakeholders. Most importantly, her presentations and information created a shared experience and language for us to use regarding communication across the organization.
Kathy Collins, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Rhode Island


I love working with executives and emerging leaders one-on-one to develop personalized, authentic, and sustainable social media strategies. I will help you refine your purpose and develop a clear strategy to bring it online.

With my coaching you will develop a customized digital strategy across at least three platforms, establish specific and actionable goals for online engagement that will serve you and your organization best, and become comfortably fluent in ten of the most popular social media platforms.

Josie understands the issues facing executives just as well as she understands what young people are facing as they navigate digital life. Her understanding is informed by research and data, and the application of her insights is immediately actionable for the organizations she works with, whether that’s through speaking, consulting, or personalized coaching. If you haven’t subscribed to her blog or monthly newsletter, you are MISSING OUT.
Liz Gross
Campus Sonar Founder & CEO

Rebekah Tilley

Assistant Vice President, University of Iowa Center for Advancement

Rebekah Tilley is the assistant vice president of communication and marketing for the University of Iowa Center for Advancement (UICA). In that role she supports fundraising and alumni engagement efforts for the university, including its CASE Gold winning Iowa Magazine, and serves UICA in a variety of strategic communication efforts.

Previously she was the director of strategic communication for the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, and the director of communication for the University of Kentucky College of Law. She is a Kentucky native and a proud alum of the University of Kentucky.

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