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Purposeful Social Media in a Connected World

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What is Your Why for Leading Online

Meet the wonderful people featured in Digital Leadership in Higher Education: Purposeful Social Media in a Connected World

Kristen Abell

Webmaster at Mental Health America

To show people they are not alone in experiencing mental illness and provide support and resources to help them be successful.

Mamta Accapadi

Higher Ed Consulting Director, Huron

To uplift the sacred stories of our students—helping them align their hopes and dreams with the opportunities to achieve those dreams.

Christine Adams

Christine Adam

Associate Vice President – Students and Dean – Faculty of Student Development, Thompson Rivers University

To be consistent with my commitment to be authentic and transparent in my role.

Ai Addyson-Zhang

Founder, Classroom Without Walls

To walk the talk of being a social media professor, serve as a role model for students and educators, and shrink the gap between academia and industry.
Angela Batista

Angela E. Batista

Founder, Batista Consulting Services and Faculty Lecturer, University of Tennessee

To share information that will enable others to gain knowledge to transform themselves, their leadership, and those they lead.

Michael Benson

President, Coastal Carolina University

To connect with our students and help tell our story.

Brian Bourke

Brian Bourke

Professor, Murray State University

To extend conversations and connections beyond the limits of physical proximity and connecting me to those I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Mary K. Boyd

President, Emmanuel College (Boston)

To show the importance of meeting people where they are.

Mordecai Ian Brownlee

President, Community College of Aurora

To provide content promoting student inclusion, engagement, and success while supporting the sustainability, vitality, and continued growth of educators.

Brandon Busteed

Chief Partnership Officer and Global Head: Learn-Work Innovation, Kaplan University Partners

To engage in the most valuable form of thought leadership–not in speeches or conference presentations but on LinkedIn.

Ashley Budd

Director of Marketing Operations for Alumni Affairs and Development, Cornell University

To honor my unique position to share what I’m learning.

Ed Cabellon

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Curry College

To augment, expand, and deepen connections within my social, educational, and professional networks.

Adam Castro

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Mercy College

To inspire talented professionals to share their work and build out rewarding networks so they can extend their reach beyond their campuses’ perimeters.

Sue Caulfield

Director of Student Affairs, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine, Cofounder of The Committed Project
To impact and connect to communities by sharing educational resources, personal stories, and thoughtful visuals.

Thom D. Chesney

Thought Partner, Self-Employed

To build a connected learning community in and beyond my institution.

Martha Compton

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Client Relations, Grand River Solutions

To help students see themselves reflected online and know that people can be warm, funny, and flawed while still being successful leaders.

Christopher Conzen

Christopher Conzen

Executive Director, Secaucus Center and Early College Programs, Hudson County Community College

To demonstrate how living authentically is personal to each individual.
Paulette Dalpes

Paulette M. Dalpes

Vice President of Student Affairs, Community College of Aurora

To stay engaged and exchange information that encourages critical dialogue around social justice and higher ed, especially community colleges.

Thomas Dickson

Thomas Dickson

Director of Institutional Support, Growing Inland Achievement

To positively impact student success by creating a global community of colleagues and friends who collaborate to explore and innovate possibilities.

Tony Dobies

Senior Director of Marketing, West Virginia University

To bridge the gap between our institutions and those who need the powerful tool of education through the use of social media and online marketing.

Tony Doody

Executive Director of University Student Centers, University of Delaware

To stoke curiosity to inspire growth, innovation, and lifelong learning.

Karen Freberg

Professor of Strategic Communications, University of Louisville

To educate, inspire, and make an impact on the field and the future generation of professionals.

Jonathan Gabriel

Jonathan Gabriel

Solution Specialist (Social Media), Deloitte

To “extend the ladder” and facilitate information exchanges by engaging a vibrant community of higher ed professionals to help us improve our work.

Julia R Golden

Julia R. Golden

Associate Dean of Students at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

To represent the queer and Latinx voices I needed to hear and see while growing up.

Liz Gross

Founder and CEO, Campus Sonar

To connect with, learn from, and role model for individuals who are seeking to further their careers in higher ed or marketing and communications.

Jenny Hall-Jones

Jenny Hall-Jones

Vice President for Student Affairs, Grand Valley State University

To connect with students where they are and learn from them.

Brian D. Hercliff-Proffer

Director, Member Belonging, ACPA–College Student Educators International

To lead by example in sharing my authentic journey of imperfection and hope and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Levester “LJ” Johnson

Vice President for Student Affairs, Illinois State University

To live my commitment to engaging and motivating others to become active and contributing members of their communities.

Shamika N. Karikari

Shamika N. Karikari

Associate Director, Resident Education and Development, University of Cincinnati

To live authentically and invite others to do the same.

Walter M. Kimbrough

Interim Executive Director, Black Men’s Research Institute, Morehouse College

To connect with people where they are, hopefully leading to face-to-face engagement.

Ann Marie Klotz

Ann Marie Klotz

Vice President for Development, Enrollment, and Student Success, Naropa University

To build and provide space for community, which is needed now, more than ever.

Peter Konwerski

Peter Konwerski

Vice President for Student Life, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

To engage and empower others to learn and thrive.

Kathryn E. Linder

Executive Director for Program Development, Kansas State University Global Campus

To help faculty and higher ed professionals live and work with more ease.

Russell Lowery-Hart

President, Amarillo College

To continually be better at our commitment to loving students to success by accessing them where they live.

Amma Marfo

Writer, Speaker, and Consultant; Content Designer, Mentor Collective 

To help students and professionals find and unleash the best versions of themselves.

Gail Martineau

Gail Martineau

Associate Director of Distance Education Marketing, Ohio State University

To show leadership online is just an extension of leadership.

Cynthia Teniente-Matson

Cynthia Teniente-Matson

President, San José State University

To personify authenticity and create opportunities for serendipitous connections through unfiltered access to the university community and social media.

Jeremy McMillen

Jeremy McMillen

President, Grayson College

To connect our students, community, and nation to the important dialogue on what matters for students in the moment and across time.

Tim Miller

Vice President for Student Affairs, James Madison University

To meet our students where they are and inform, engage, and interact with them in a meaningful and impactful way.

Ajay Nair

Ajay Nair

President, Arcadia University

To stay directly engaged with students and their families, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.

Laura Pasquini

Laura Pasquini

Learning and Development Consultant, Career & Executive Coach

To model and mentor digital identity development for our students, staff, faculty, and communities in higher ed.

Julie Payne-Kirchmeier

Julie Payne-Kirchmeier

Vice President for Student Affairs, Northwestern University

To meet our students where they are so I can begin to understand their experiences, pressures, challenges, and successes.



Director of New Student Orientation & Transitions, University of Massachusetts Amherst 

To be the holistic, multifaceted, and authentic leader I am and pave the way in challenging social norms, privilege, and oppression in more spaces.

Sumun "Sumi" L. Pendakur

Consultant, Speaker & Trainer

To authentically role model a full life, with all of its complications, including my politics, my family/friends, and my work.

Patty Perillo

Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Maryland

To stay connected to and engaged with my students, colleagues, friends, and communities.

M. L. “Cissy” Petty

Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, The George Washington University

To lift others up to be their best selves thereby helping them change the world.

La’Tonya Rease Miles

Director of University Partnerships, ReUp Education

To share everything I know with people who don’t have access to information.

Matthew (Matt) Reed

Matthew Reed

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Brookdale Community College; Writer for

To demystify academic administration in hopes of attracting good people to it and avoiding unproductive conflicts based on stereotypes.

Terisa Riley

Chancellor, University of Arkansas–Fort Smith

To reach students where they are.

Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson

President, Lansing Community College

To promote 2-year colleges, social mobility, and #EndCCStigma.

Penny Rue

Penny Rue

Vice President and University Professor Emeritus

To build bridges and connect with others who share our passion to fulfill higher ed’s promise.

Joe Sabado

To live a life of significance by helping others fulfill their potential.

Frederick Smith

Frederick Smith

Assistant Vice President, Equity and Community Inclusion, San Francisco State University

To be more connected to people and stay current.

Jennielle Strother

Jennielle Strother

Assistant Commissioner for Student Success, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

To build community, connect like-minded professionals, celebrate others’ successes, and raise up the next generation by role modeling authentic leadership.

Erin Supinka

Erin Supinka

Associate Director of Digital Engagement, Dartmouth College

To help and connect with others.

Brock Thompson

Brock Thompson

Head Women’s Soccer Coach at South Dakota State University

To have a positive impact in the growth of 18–22 year olds.

Vinicius “V” Vargas

Vinicius “V” Vargas

HR Program Specialist, Tealium

To be the example for our students in what leading online should be and hold ourselves accountable to our own expectations of them.

Marci Walton

Learning & Organizational Excellence Consultant, ComPsych

To role model engaging authentically in online spaces for our students, so they learn more than horror stories of online mistakes.

Daria J. Willis

President, Howard Community College

To serve and guide students in an accessible, visible, relatable, and approachable way as they rise to the challenge of navigating an increasingly complex digital space.

Melissa Woo

Executive Vice President for Administration and Chief Information Officer, Michigan State University

To reach a broader audience that might not have other access to higher ed.

What your peers are saying

Katy Spencer Johnson, SMS@katyb_spencer
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" Don't do it for the fame. Make it real, readable, and you." - @josieahlquist Every content creator from those writing social posts and blogs to those authoring books can benefit from the reminder to keep it real, readable, and uniquely your own. 💕
Tyler Thomas, MA @TylerAThomas@TylerAThomas
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📚🚀 Today is book launch day for the immensely talented Dr. @josieahlquist ! This #1 new release is packed with useful research, reflections from Higher Ed leaders doing the work, and practical examples and processes for all of us to learn from
Rachel Rodemann@RachelRodemann
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Ordered @josieahlquist ’s new book just in time for the kickoff party. I’m so proud of you Josie. I can’t wait to send this to everyone.
Krista Boniface@KristaBoniface
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SO excited to see Dr. @josieahlquist launch her book! She’s kept our #HESM family part of the process along the way & I’m thrilled to celebrate this milestone today. 🥳
Martha Compton@marthakcompton
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HUGE congratulations to @josieahlquist on the release of her brand new book TODAY! Can't wait to dive in to it!
Liz Gross (she/her)@lizgross144
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"I set out to prove some leaders wrong. To prove that social media was worth their time." @josieahlquist 🙌
Janice Cheng-McConnell@dear_preferred
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"Write what you want to write about, not what you think people want you to write about." A reminder from @josieahlquist that sounds simple but so easy (and convenient) to forget. Go check out her new book that launched today!

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