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July Real Talk Higher Ed Banner: Maintaining Campus Community Amid Crisi

Real Issues, Real Solutions.

Note: We’ll be rescheduling our July Real Talk session. We look forward to this conversation — stay tuned for the rescheduled date!

Another day, another crisis. And then another, and another. Is everything seriously on fire? 

In the U.S., with an upcoming election, growing global political unrest, and wavering public trust in higher ed, the push and pull of caring for your campus community – and constantly dealing with campus crises – has never been more demanding. Also, where does taking care of yourself fit in while you constantly put out fires?!

But amidst the chaos, there’s hope. Our institutions are communities, and strong communities can weather even the most turbulent times. Whether you are in the midst of a crisis or in a moment of recovery,  we’ll lean on our resilience and explore strategies for healing and rebuilding your campus community.

So let’s talk about it, with real talk and real solutions. 

Join us for the Real Talk Higher Ed: Maintaining Campus Community Amid Crisis, where we’ll hear from experienced leaders on the essential strategies needed to overcome current and future campus crises. 

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This event isn’t just about commiserating. Our experienced and caring panel will equip you with practical tools and tactics while discussing how the issues must be faced before breakdown. 

Meet the Panelists

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Doreen Jokerst

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety and Chief of Police,  University of Colorado Boulder

Angie Tissi-Gassoway

Chief Student Affairs Officer and Dean of Students, Amherst College

Gabe Willis

Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Advocacy, Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Josie Ahlquist

Josie has over two decades working in higher education, with the last twelve focused on consulting, coaching and researching about building digital communities and purpose-driven social media strategy. She teaches organizations, executives, and education professionals how to humanize technology tools and prioritize building community online. 

As a global speaker, she has taught thousands of educational professionals and students from all over the world. Her talks aim to give leaders a digital upgrade and keeping the energy and inspiration high. Beyond the stage, she leverages her consulting and coaching expertise to empower campuses and the leaders behind the screen.  Josie’s all about bringing fresh ideas and top skills to the table, helping higher education thrive in today’s digital world.

josie ahlquist professional photo

Doreen Jokerst

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety and Chief of Police, University of Colorado Boulder

Doreen Jokerst is Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety and Chief of Police at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is a nationally recognized public safety expert and university police leader. During her CU Boulder tenure, she has implemented highly innovative and collaborative public safety initiatives, drawing upon her extensive public safety and emergency management experience, as well as her engagement with and governance of national/international public safety and leadership organizations.

Prior to her current appointment, AVC/Chief Jokerst worked her way to the rank of police commander in a Denver-metro suburb police department, gaining extensive experience while serving in diverse specialized and supervisory capacities. She obtained a State of Colorado Emergency Manager certification and has commanded numerous critical incidents, including participating in a multi-state effort to assist in Florida’s Hurricane Irma’s aftermath.

She holds a Doctor of Education degree in Leadership for Educational Equity, Higher Education, master’s degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She is also a Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, the Senior Management Institute for Police, and the FBI National Academy graduate.

Connect with Doreen

Angie Tissi-Gassoway

Chief Student Affairs Officer and Dean of Students, Amherst College

Angie (they/she) ensures the implementation and assessment of the strategic and critical work of Student Affairs at the College.

Angie is responsible for all functions of the Office of Student Affairs, including residential engagement and wellbeing; housing and operations; identity and cultural resources; counseling and mental health; student engagement and leadership; health and community safety services; student accessibility; class dean academic support; student care; community standards; new student programs and orientation; and immigration and visa services. Angie is dedicated to working with our remarkable students, engaging our collective community, and leading the extraordinary team of Student Affairs to collaboratively advance the work of community, equity, wellbeing and belonging at the College.

Angie has been the chief student affairs officer and dean of students since February 2023. Before that, she served the College since 2012 in various roles in Student Affairs and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Angie holds a master of education degree in social justice education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and bachelor of science and master of public health degrees from Oregon State University.

Connect with Angie

Gabe Willis, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Advocacy, Virginia Commonwealth University

At VCU, Dr. Willis serves as the Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Advocacy within the Division for Student Affairs. He is responsible for leading and supervising the following units: Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, Hazing Prevention, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Family Programs, and our brand-new Office of Student Advocacy.

The Dean of Student Advocacy Office supports the overarching mission of the Division for Student Affairs to foster students’ intellectual, social, emotional, cultural, and personal growth toward their full potential.

Dr. Willis brings nearly 15 years of higher education experience, marked by his expertise in behavioral intervention, student conduct, student advocacy, and Title IX Compliance. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a keen understanding of the intricacies of student affairs, driving positive change and innovation in various roles.

Connect with Gabe

Rebekah Tilley

Assistant Vice President, University of Iowa Center for Advancement

Rebekah Tilley is the assistant vice president of communication and marketing for the University of Iowa Center for Advancement (UICA). In that role she supports fundraising and alumni engagement efforts for the university, including its CASE Gold winning Iowa Magazine, and serves UICA in a variety of strategic communication efforts.

Previously she was the director of strategic communication for the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, and the director of communication for the University of Kentucky College of Law. She is a Kentucky native and a proud alum of the University of Kentucky.

Connect with Rebekah

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