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Digital Leadership Throughout Campus // Classroom Edition

This episode marks the last panel in the podcast’s classroom edition series. The classroom edition features panels I moderated for my Florida State University graduate-level course, Technology in Higher Ed. We’re closing out with a deep dive into what digital leadership looks like in higher education from perspectives all across campus. This week’s panelists Juhi Bhatt, Joy Hoffman, Douglas Eck, and Nathan Victoria cover everything from advice on digital reputations the realities and risks and rewards of a digital presence.
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Notes from this Episode

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The Nature of Leadership (Journal of Human Relations)

More about the Panelists

Dr. Juhi Bhatt serves as the Assistant Dean of Students for Community Standards and Student Involvement at SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. In this role, she primarily works in the areas of student conduct and behavioral intervention. Her role involves addressing all incidents of student conduct on & off campus, case management for conduct and Care, policy creation and revision, student program development, serving as chair for the campus anti-violence education group, and assistance with the development and implementation of larger divisional programs such as welcome week and commencement. Previous to this role Juhi served as the Assistant Director of Student Affairs Compliance and Title IX Investigator at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. As the lead Title IX Investigator Juhi investigated all incidents of sexual violence reported to the Office of Student Affairs Compliance & Title IX. As the Assistant Director of Student Affairs Compliance Juhi oversaw the successful rollout of all New Student Online Education Programs, including Not Anymore, AlcoholEdu, Academic Integrity, and Transit-Financial Wellness for 12,000+ new incoming students. Previous to this Juhi worked at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ where she was able to gain experience in the areas of registration, academic advising, career/transfer counseling, student life/student activities, orientation, and commencement just to name a few. Juhi’s educational journey includes completing her Bachelors in Music Education from the College of New Jersey in 2009, her Masters in Counseling with a concentration in student affairs in higher education from Montclair State University in 2012 and most recently her Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration from Saint Peter’s University this past summer. Juhi also serves as the Board Communications Manager on the NASPA Region II Advisory Board.
Instagram: @jabhatt Twitter: @jbhatt12 SnapChat: @jbhatt12 Facebook: J.A.Batt LinkedIn: Dr. Juhi Bhatt
Dr. Joy Hoffman
Dr. Joy Hoffman serves as the Director of Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). She oversees the African American Resource Center, Asian Pacific American Resource Center, Chicana & Chicano Resource Center, Titan Dreamers Resource Center, and LGBT Queer Resource Center. She is also responsible for diversity initiatives on campus, including trainings, workshops, contributing to conversations around policies and processes, and bias response. Prior to serving at CSUF, which is a large public university, she worked at three private, liberal arts colleges, two of which were faith-based. Her higher education experience includes new student orientation, student activities, clubs and organizations, student government, sexual violence, drug and alcohol education, leadership development, and positions specific to advancing diversity and inclusion. She has worked in multicultural affairs for 16 years of her 23 year career. Joy has published in areas related to ethnic identity development; culture; religion and spirituality; and counseling in student affairs. Joy earned her Master’s degree in College Student Affairs at Azusa Pacific University and an Ed.D. from California Lutheran University in Higher Education Leadership.
Instagram: joyhoffman67; Twitter: joy_hoffman
Douglas Eck serves as an Assistant Dean of Students at the University of Houston, working primarily within the areas of student conduct and advocacy. Doug also co-chairs the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Assessment committee where he helps drive the assessment and planning process among the committee’s 25 members and 28 departments. Prior to his role at UH, Doug served as the Associate Director of Residence Life at Lake Forest College and as a Housing Coordinator at The Ohio State University. Doug is a doctoral student studying Applied Leadership at the City University of Seattle. Doug serves as a Co-Lead Facilitator for LeaderShape and sailed as a Residence Director for Semester At Sea during the summer 2007 voyage. Doug received his Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from The Ohio State University and his Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Illinois University.
Twitter – @DouglasGEck   Instagram – @DouglasGEck
Nathan Victoria
Nathan Victoria is the senior director of member engagement and student initiatives for NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, the leading voice for student affairs administration, policy, and practice. Although the prospects of being a dancing psychologist were tempting (Nathan received his bachelor of arts in dance and psychology at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT), he decided to whisk himself off to University of Vermont’s Master of Education program in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration, and he is currently a doctoral student at the George Washington University in Human and Organizational Learning.
Nathan believes in giving back to those who have brought him to where he is today. He finds it fitting that his journey has brought him to work for NASPA, as a regional undergraduate pre-conference showed him the possibilities of a career in student affairs and higher education. He enjoys working for NASPA because he can enact one of his favorite quotes by Audre Lorde, “My fullest concentration of energy is available to me only when I integrate all the parts of who I am, openly, allowing power from particular sources of my living to flow back and forth freely through all my different selves, without the restrictions of externally imposed definition.” He’s striving towards this integration and bringing along whoever wants to come for the ride.
Twitter – @NathanVictoria   Facebook – /nathan.a.victoria   Instagram – @nathan.victoria   LinkedIn:

About Josie and The Podcast

In each episode, Dr. Josie Ahlquist – digital leadership author, researcher, and speaker – connects tech and leadership in education. This podcast will bring you leaders on-campus and online. From Senior Vice Presidents on Snapchat, YouTubers receiving billions of views and new media professionals. All through the lens of social media and leadership. Josie hopes you will not only learn from these digital leaders but also laugh as we all explore how to be our best selves online and off.

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