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The Student Social Media Academy offers any campus the opportunity to access expertise and training needed to engage student employees as skilled support to move your social strategy forward.

Our pricing is accessible at $149 as a part of our commitment to serving higher education partners in ways that produce an immediate impact on their campuses.

Each student enrolled will receive:

The academy is open year-round!
If you’re registering over 15 students, please inquire about our All Access Package.  Looking for more information about the Academy, head here.

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What Will Students Learn?

Through a series of self-paced modules, students will receive expert guidance from experienced social media professionals. Using interactive videos, workshops, and exercises, they will delve into practical information, explore real-world examples, and develop critical thinking skills essential for managing social media in a campus context.

And for busy students, the good news is that the academy will only take 10-12 hours!

Here is the curriculum that students will have access to:

Social Media in a Campus Context

Explore how social media is used in higher education and the impact it has on campus connectivity.

Campus Branding, Voice,
and Tone

Learn to identify the mission, vision, values, and voice of your institution and find ways to bring it to life.

Social Media Strategy

Harness your campus' digital landscape by defining goals, learning about your audience, evaluating your channels, and measuring the content you deliver.

Content Creation Process

Dive into how to craft compelling content and discover the essential tools needed to engage your campus audience.

Confidentiality & Critical Thinking as a Student Creator

Develop critical thinking skills and be equipped to make informed decisions to protect sensitive information in an ever-changing digital world.

Advanced Skillsets and Community for Students

Finish the course with final lessons on personal branding, advanced skills that will help you expand your role as a social media creator, and future careers in social media.

Unlock the power of social media and equip your college students with the skills they need to revolutionize your college, department, or program's online presence.

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I’d be happy to chat so you feel as excited about the program as I am!

Rebekah Tilley

Assistant Vice President, University of Iowa Center for Advancement

Rebekah Tilley is the assistant vice president of communication and marketing for the University of Iowa Center for Advancement (UICA). In that role she supports fundraising and alumni engagement efforts for the university, including its CASE Gold winning Iowa Magazine, and serves UICA in a variety of strategic communication efforts.

Previously she was the director of strategic communication for the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, and the director of communication for the University of Kentucky College of Law. She is a Kentucky native and a proud alum of the University of Kentucky.

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