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Bonus Episode // Podcasting Panel at CASE Social Media & Community Conference

At the 2018 CASE Social Media and Community Conference in New Orleans, I got the opportunity to organize and speak on a panel all about podcasting in higher education. I was joined by fellow podcasters Tim Cigelske, Jackie Vetrano, Stephen App, Chris Barrows, where we share our podcasting journeys and perspectives. From figuring out how to start a podcast to how to promote it and grow your audience. Each panelist brings a unique set of experiences to their shows and this conversation and it’s a great cross-section of institution-based, faculty-driven, and personal podcasts.

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Notes from this Episode

How to Make a Podcast for Alumni & Student Engagement
Liz Gross
E-City Interactive
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Marquette University
Skidmore College
My Prediction on Podcasting in Higher Education
Vector 3
Dance Marathon (Marquette)
Slack Team HESM
ConnectEDU Podcast Network
ConnectEDU Facebook Group
WNYC Audiogram Generator
Gimlet’s StartUp Podcast
Gary Vee
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
My Brother, My Brother, and Me
The Nerdist Podcast
Chris Hardwick
The History of Pirates Podcast
Pod Save America
The Imposters
Song Exploder
Brains On
Story Pirates
How I Built This
More Perfect
5 Things We Learned from Season 1 of the Hashtag Higher Ed Podcast
Other Duties as Assigned: Creating a Podcast
Adventures in Podcasting
Podcast Listeners Really are the Holy Grail Advertisers Hoped They’d be
What I learned by producing a podcast for a college
Why I Social Featured Resource – Podcasting In Higher Ed

More about the Panelists

Josie Ahlquist in blue dress with Apple MacBook

Dr. Josie Ahlquist

Florida State University Research Associate & Leadership Instructor

Digital Leadership Author, Coach & Speaker

After 12 years working on college campuses, Josie Ahlquist went rogue from traditional higher education roles—as an international independent speaker, author, and consultant on digital leadership in higher education. She teaches teens, young adults, educational professionals and corporate executives how to humanize tech and prioritize building online community over traditional marketing methods.
Ahlquist has trained thousands across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. She backs up her content with her own grant-funded and award-winning research. Her research agenda focuses on teens and young adults’ digital experiences, senior executives’ online leadership practices, and digital leadership pedagogy. She maintains an active research agenda, currently undertaking three separate research projects with colleagues around the globe.
For the fourth year in a row, she has been named to the “Top 50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs” by Ed Tech Magazine. She is published as a co-author in the Handbook of Student Affairs Administration textbook, The Journal of Leadership Studies, co-editor and author in the New Directions in Student Services volume, “Engaging the Digital Generation,” as well as co-editor and author in New Directions in Student Leadership, “Going Digital in Student Leadership.” She is currently writing a book with Stylus Publishing, set to release summer 2018 on digital leadership in higher education.


Podcast: Josie & The Podcast

Twitter: @josieahlquist

Instagram: @josieahlquist




Tim Cigelske

Director of Social Media, Marquette University
Tim Cigelske is social media director at Marquette University and an adjunct professor teaching media writing and social media analytics and measurement in the Diederich College of Communication. Cigelske has managed Marquette’s social media for more than nine years, and he’s currently working on his master’s thesis on the topic of Gen Z’s use of Snapchat. He is the author of Analytics to Action: A Guide to Social Media Measurement, and in addition to his focus on social media, he teaches an honors program seminar at Marquette called “The Art and Science of Creativity.”

Twitter: @cigelske

Instagram: @timcigelske



Jackie Vetrano

Online Marketing and Social Media Manager
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jackie Vetrano fell into higher education marketing by accident. With experience in marketing at both two- and four-year colleges, she now works with the University Communications team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
She is the founder of the ConnectEDU Network, the first podcast network for higher education professionals, as well as co-host of the Higher Ed Social podcast.


Twitter: @jackievetrano

Stephen App

Account Director, eCity Interactive
Stephen App is the host of the Hashtag Higher Ed podcast and an account director at eCity Interactive, a content-first digital agency. At eCity, he oversees all digital campaign management including the creation of blog content, premium downloads, emails, paid campaigns and website optimization efforts for the agency and its higher education and nonprofit clients.

Prior to joining eCity, he worked in enrollment marketing for Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, where he led the marketing and communications efforts toward all prospective, admitted, and incoming law students. When not passionately defending the Oxford comma, Steve can be found exploring craft beer and making numerous parenting mistakes.

Twitter: @stephenapp




Chris Barrows

Social Media and Mobile Products Coordinator, NYU
Host of the Why I Social Podcast (and co-host of the Five Favorites podcast)
Co-Chair, eduWeb Digital Summit
Chris Barrows is an experienced higher education and digital marketing professional. He currently serves as the Social Media and Mobile Products Coordinator at New York University where he is the main strategic lead for the university’s global employees and consults on social media – as well as the project manager for NYU’s official mobile app.

In addition, Chris is co-chair of the eduWeb Digital Summit with Joel Renner. He has run the Why I Social Podcast (, @WhyISocial) for four years (which is presently sponsored by the National Institute for Social Media. He is also the co-host of the Five Favorites Podcast (@5FavoritesCast).

Chris is a proud father, husband, and geek with a passion for Captain America and tabletop board gaming. He received his Masters in Instructional Technology from the Discovery Education Program in 2012.

Twitter: @CBarrows, @WhyISocial, @5FavoritesCast

           Why I Social Podcast site:

Podcast (Why I Social):
           Five Favorites site:

Podcast (Five Favorites):

Background of Case Social Media & Community Conference

The conference team and organizers graciously allowed me to share this recording with you wonderful pod-cats, I highly recommend attending the conference if you can.
Here’s a little background on the conference this episode was recorded at, straight from the conference itself:

As the social media universe continues to expand, schools and institutions are expected to engage and evolve at the same pace. How are you listening to your constituents, responding to them, and giving them reasons to keep listening to you? This conference will go beyond social engagement and delve in to strategic storytelling. Learn to align your content strategy with the goals of your office, and the efforts of the overall communications team.

Attendees of the CASE SMC conference have the opportunity to learn social media strategy and review and share social media best practices with their peers. They go in-depth, sharing insights into social listening and brand building on social. The best part? You don’t just need to be on your university or college’s social media team to benefit from this!

About Josie and The Podcast

In each episode, Dr. Josie Ahlquist – digital leadership author, researcher, and speaker – connects tech and leadership in education. This podcast will bring you leaders on-campus and online. From Senior Vice Presidents on Snapchat, YouTubers receiving billions of views and new media professionals. All through the lens of social media and leadership. Josie hopes you will not only learn from these digital leaders but also laugh as we all explore how to be our best selves online and off.

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