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Tonantzin Oseguera // Troublemaker turned Dean of Students, Social Media + Judicial Affairs & Understanding the student experience through Snapchat

How can Snapchat, Yik Yak and Instagram give administrators a pulse of the real student experience? Today’s episode features Dr. Tonantzin Oseguera who shares her personal experiences integrating digital communication tools as a Dean of Students at Cal State Fullerton. In this role, she oversees vital student support services including the Behavioral intervention team, Title IX implementation team, as well as student conduct for a campus of 40,000. Learn how she balances policy and procedures with her playful personality, yet purposeful presence online and on campus.

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Notes from this Episode

Dr. Keith Meizer

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Chronical of Higher Education
Inside Higher Ed
Pew Research Center Study: Where the world see’s limits to freedom of speech  
Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Protest
Digital Literacy
University of Chicago Trigger Warnings
CSUF Lock Down
CSUF Social Media
Micahel Mahi, CSUF Director of Online and Social Media Engagement
False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical “News” Sources (Full List)

More about Tonantzin

Dr. Oseguera is a first-generation college student born and raised in Mexico City. She is a student affairs professional dedicated to the retention, care, and persistence of high-risk student populations. Tonantzin has served in student affairs administration, advising student government, evolving campus activities and developing student leadership programs for more than 14 years. Previously she served as the Dean of Students at Cal State Fullerton, with oversight for, Student Conduct, Behavioral Intervention team, Title IX implementation team, and university president representative in advising Associated Students Incorporated of CSUF. Just recently she has made named the Associate Vice President for Student Engagement.
Tonantzin Before coming to Cal State Fullerton, Oseguera worked at UC Riverside and was responsible for managing student organizations, guiding the Associated Student Program Board, the Fraternity Sorority Involvement Center, campus orientation and first-year programs. Her responsibilities also included athletics student fan engagement and supporting campus spirit and traditions.
Prior to her post at UC Riverside, Oseguera was director of student activities and leadership programs at Portland State University. She also spent time as associate director of leadership education and activities at Chapman University.
Oseguera earned her doctorate in higher education at USC. She has a master’s degree in higher education and student affairs from the University of Vermont and a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies with an emphasis in gerontology from Colorado State University. Her research focuses on underrepresented students and underserved populations in higher education.
Find Tonantzin at

Twitter: @DeanOseguera

Instagram: CSUFdrO

Snapchat: tonaseguera

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