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Mickey Meyer // Connecting YouTubers to the White House, Fatherhood as a Leadership Paradigm Shift & Using Comedy to Bridge the Political Divide

Mickey Meyer is a leader in the digital media, crowned by The Hollywood Reporter the “Don Draper of the Internet.” As a co-founder of JASH a multi-tiered studio with partners Michael CeraTim HeideckerEric WareheimSarah Silverman and Reggie Watts – who are creating endless engaging content, building community with comedians and even previously connected YouTubers to the White House. We explore news sources and social media, how digital media can be used as a tool outside the classroom for learning, ALL the cool things that JASH is up to and how being a father is changing how he leads. Listen in and you’ll get a sense of why Mickey was listed in the 2014 Forbes’ list of “30 under 30.”

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Notes from this Episode

Maker Studios
JASH co-founders Michael Cera, Tim HeideckerEric WareheimSarah Silverman and Reggie Watts
The Daisy ad
Kassem G
Getting Doug with High

Omar Gharaibeh  – Head of Community for JASH
The Cooties – Check out the “The L.A. Song
ERB (Epic Rap Battles of History) – Suess vs Shakespear

The Theater – Westside Comedy Theater
Top 30 Under 30 Award
Danny Zappin – Co-founder of Maker Studios
Mathew Patrick (MatPat) – Big Frame
The Green Brothers (Hank Green/John Green)

Erik Ortner
White House Entertainment Advisory Council 
Between Two Ferns
It’s On Us
Can’t do Nothing – Milana Vayntrub
Civic Nation Causes
The Creative Alliance
Mickey & Family at the White House

Movie: The Secret
Book: The Secret

So this happened. #joebiden

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More about Mickey

Mickey Meyer is a digital media producer and co-founder of JASH—a multi-tiered studio with partners Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts, Tim & Eric, and Michael Cera.
Before JASH, Meyer oversaw programming at Maker Studios and produced three of the most watched series to air on YouTube: Kassem G’s ‘California On,’ Ray William Johnson’s Equals 3, and Epic Rap Battles of History, where he received a gold record for his work on Seuss vs. Shakespeare. 
In 2013, The Hollywood Reporter included Meyer in their list of 35 executives part of “Hollywood’s New Class” – calling him the “Don Draper of the Internet.” In 2014, Meyer was included in Forbes’ list of “30 under 30.”
Most recently Mickey served as Executive Producer on several award-winning short films, music videos, and talk shows produced under the JASH banner. These include “Catherine” (starring Jenny Slate), Norm Macdonald Live, Getting Doug With High, Michael Cera’s “Brazzaville Teen-ager” and “Gregory Go Boom,” which won the 2014 Jury Award in U.S. fiction at the Sundance Film Festival. In February, he will gain his first television Executive Producer credit on Comedy Centrals The High Court.
Outside of JASH, he worked to connect the YouTube community to the White House during the Obama administration. He developed and continues to develop, strategies to reach the YouTube audience in inventive ways on behalf of various causes.

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