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Adventures in Podcasting

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Get your earbuds ready; Josie and the Podcast will soon be back from a little winter hibernation!

Season Two Recap

The first half of season two had an incredible guest roster. I got to speak with a social media professor, university president, two marketing pros, and even had my first undergraduate student guest! I even had some fun putting out airwaves from just me and dropped a surprise holiday bonus episode. Check out all the episodes below!

Spring Sneak Peek

Starting January 25th, you can expect even more amazing conversations with pros like Luoluo Hong, Liz Gross, Terrell Strayhorn, Sabrina Cruz, Melissa Woo, and a particularly epic conversation with Washington State University President Kirk H Schulz and first lady and engineering professor Noel Schultz.
As always, my goal is to connect technology and leadership in higher education at all levels, from undergraduate students to university presidents. I’m confident that my conversations with these guests will help you transform the way that you approach technology and leadership, so be sure to give them a listen!
Stay tuned for all of the latest Josie and the Podcast episodes, interview announcements and all things kitten gif and emojis on twitter @JosieATPodcast, subscribe to my email newsletter and of course subscribe to the podcast at your favorite streaming location: iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play, and now Spotify!

The Tech Behind the Podcast

Finally, I get lots of questions about how to start a podcast. At first, I was l like – “Well, I don’t know, I’m still figuring that out!” Now I’ve got more than 30 episodes under my belt and a solid list of podcasting equipment that I use, which you can see below!

Campus Sonar Logo

Sponsor Shout-out

I’d also like to take a second and give major love to the season two sponsor Campus Sonar— a specialized social listening agency that analyzes online conversations to provide colleges and universities with actionable insight to engage students, build brand awareness, and expand alumni engagement. Founding Director Dr. Liz Gross is a fellow higher education researcher and a thought leader focused on connecting tech and leadership in education. Best of all, she’s bringing her social listening expertise as a guest on this podcast! For more information, visit
Thank you so much for supporting this podcasting adventure. Whether you just discovered the show, or have been listening since the beginning. I really appreciate it!

About Josie

I’m Dr. Josie Ahlquist—a digital engagement and leadership consultant, researcher, educator, and author. I’m passionate about helping people and organizations find purposeful ways to connect, engage, and tell their unique story. I provide consulting, executive coaching, and training for campuses, companies, and organizations that want to learn how to humanize technology tools and build effective and authentic online communities.

My blog and podcast have been recognized by EdTech Magazine, Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle of Higher Education. My book, Digital Leadership in Higher Education, was published in 2020 and was listed as a #1 new release for college and university student life. I have been growing my consultancy since 2013 and am based in Los Angeles. When I’m not helping clients lead online, you might find me training for a triathlon, spoiling my nieces and nephews, or exploring with my husband and our rescue dogs in our new RV called Lady Hawk.

I’d love to connect! Find me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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